meandlelaThis week’s “Dear David” is a little different. Every day I read emails from guys desperate to find a girlfriend. Every day I get letters from guys who want to work on themselves, but lack the self-belief to become successful with women.

A couple of days ago I received an email of a very different kind. Getting thank you notes and success stories isn’t unusual for me, but this one in particular struck a chord. It struck a chord because it was from a guy, no different from most of you.

He’s a nice, hardworking, sensitive guy who just wanted to find a woman he could connect with. He wanted to find a woman he could hang out with, have fun with, and ultimately have a relationship with, and thanks to a little bit of effort, a lot of belief, and a helping hand from me, he finally has that woman.

His name is Dan, and very kindly, he’s allowed me to share his email and story with all of you. In his own words, he wants to give hope to guys who haven’t found that special girl yet. So, without further or do, here’s Dan…

“Hey David this is Dan Watts from PA. We met almost 3 years ago at your Master Communicator Seminar in Chicago, IL. I was only 19 or 20 at the time. Your seminar was mind blowing. You taught me the key ingredients to approaching and closing women. But most importantly how to love myself and become the most confident man I could be.

The biggest piece of advice you gave me that day was all about the mindset. If I believe it won’t work, it won’t. If I believe it will work, it will. And it did my friend!

I am writing to you because David, it happened. I found my first girlfriend ever. I dated a few girls since your seminar, but they weren’t for me. I learned to truly accept what I wanted from a woman in a relationship and I wouldn’t rest until I found a girl who made me happy. I found this girl on a dating site called, “MeetMe.” I had been using your “online dating secrets” revealed and by doing so, I found this girl named Lela.

We Skyped a few times before our first date. The date went great, and I closed her by asking her out again, and now we’re going steady. Everything you have  taught me worked! I love Lela so much and thanks to you, I can finally speak my mind about whatever I want.

You’ve brought back the confident Dan that longed to be free again. Not only have you shaped my life with women but with my job, my band, school, everything. You are the best, and keep helping guys become confident and powerful men. If I could do it, anyone can!”

David Says…

What can I say Dan? Firstly, thank you so much for the kind words. Emails like this are what keep me motivated to do what I do every day. I’m so proud of what you’ve achieved not only with your lovely girlfriend, but also with your work and school.

Like you said, it’s all about mindset and while I gave you the tools and techniques, it was YOU that committed to doing the work. Now it’s YOU enjoying the rewards. You’re a fine example of why you should never give up on your ambitions, and I’m sure other guys will find some real motivation in your story.

Once again, thanks for sharing your story with us Dan, and keep up the good work. Whatever happens, I’m sure your future will be very bright!

And guys, just like the man said, if he can do it, any of you can!