Have you ever been to Disneyland or Disney World?

There’s a ride there called Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

It’s basically this crazy ride that you go on, it’s about 60 seconds in length, and it’s quite scary if you’re eight years old.

But how does Disneyland relate to your dating lives?

I want you to think about this for a second —

How many toads have you kissed to try to find your prince? Quite a lot.

How many times have you been wrong about a man, your first impression was not exactly what he was all about?

You see, there are some men that at first seem like a toad. You may meet a guy, he might be a little nervous.

He might be a little standoffish.Mr-Toad-Wild-Ride

He might seem a little insecure. But you give him a chance and go out on a date with him. On the date he’s still a little quiet and a little nervous. You like him, but you’re still waiting for that magic spark you so desperately want, and this guy isn’t exactly the alpha guy. He’s more like Mr. Toad.

So you don’t give him a chance.

Then five months down the road you see him on the street corner, arm in arm with a beautiful woman, kissing, making out, and he’s got this glow about him. What happened was that Mr. Toad took somebody else on that wild ride you could have gone on.

I truly believe in today’s over-marketed world of dating, with all the apps and sites that we are constantly on, we don’t give a chance to somebody who can give us the most wild ride of our lives.

We’re always shooting for what we think is the best, and most of the time we pick wrong. I’m well aware of that. I’ve done it too, throughout my entire life. I’ve picked the wrong person, at times.

I’ve blown somebody off because I thought they were a little more innocent and then I saw them six months later and I realized they were not innocent. I was just looking for the bigger, better wild ride.

The next time you meet a guy who’s interesting, I want you to give him a ride. No, I don’t want you to pick him up, but I want you to give him a ride, a date. I want you to go out with him, spend an hour, have a cup of coffee.

Get to know him a little bit, because you never know, this man might end up being the wild ride of your life. It’s always the shy ones that get you going, sexually, more than anybody. It’s always the innocent seeming ones that are actually the naughtiest and the most loving. They just needed a chance.

So take the toad for a wild ride and start incorporating the Disneyland of dating in your life, and see how it changes.