What do guys think about on the first date?

Well, there’s the pre-date. Then there’s the actual date. And then there’s the post-date.

So there’s three different things a man is thinking about. The pre-date is him driving to go get the date. Well actually, it depends on where he met her. If he met her online, he’s thinking, god, I hope she looks like the ugliest picture that she has online. If she does, I’m still attracted to her. Because men don’t trust the pictures that women put up.

If a man has already her, he’s thinking, god, I hope we can recapture that moment that we had when I first asked her out, because it was a great moment and I really like that moment, and I’m wondering if we can re-do that moment again.

So, when a man is driving up to meet a woman for the very very first time on the first date, he wants to like her.

He’s curious about her. He’s definitely attracted to her, especially if he’s already met her. But one of the key things that women don’t understand about men is that women become one of two things on a date.

Either they become strikingly more beautiful, or they drift into the sea of next.

Now, how does this happen, and how does this trigger inside a man’s mind? A man that’s fully present when he’s talking to a woman will listen to what a woman has to say and really just be there and look at her and just to feel her energy.

Now, there are men who are summing up women on a date, whether or not they can sleep with them. But those men are basically called cave men, barbarians. And you can understand that, because they get physical too fast. They don’t understand that seduction is all about the communication.

So a mature man will look at a woman and watch her facial expressions. He’s not really thinking that much; he’s just listening, and he’s thinking to himself, I’m starting to like this girl. This girl is really interesting. She’s fascinating. He’s looking for signs that they’re alike, because just like women, we all look for signs for the universe.

Men are also looking for soul mate signs. They are also looking for signs of familiarity.

They may not have been tortured by Disney movies or anything else when they were younger, but their mothers tortured them to find a good girl, a nice girl.

So as the date progresses, what starts to go through a man’s mind is this: Man, it’s really easy talking to her. I like that.

He also starts thinking, but does he feel comfortable? Does he feel like we can do this a lot. For instance, if you’re just walking down the street, how does it feel? Do you feel familiar to one another. Do you feel comfortable with one another? Do you feel like the conversation is flowing?

Is he thinking too much, is he thinking about what to say next, or is he really listening?

Those are things that men think about on a date. Because a lot of men will think about, what do I need to say next, or what do I need to do. If time just passes by on a date, then it’s a really good date. But the real key to what a man is going through is how much more beautiful she is from the minute he first met to her, to her three hours later.

If she’s grown in beauty to him, he’s actually starting to see her as a potential woman that he wants to be with. Because that goes through that man, because a man is captivated by a woman’s beauty.

The way her eyes sparkle when he talks.

The way your facial expression is when he says something that’s a little controversial.

Can he talk about sex with her and get a reaction to her? Does she turn red? Does she get a little flushed?

How comfortable does he feel having dinner with her?

How comfortable does he feel when he is going to the bathroom? Because that’s the evaluation time. When a man goes to the bathroom, when he leaves the table, he wants to feel like he’s already known this person for a long period of time.

It’s about comfort. So a man is going through how comfortable he feels and how receptive is she to the ideas.

Did he communicate? Did he feel judged at all? Those are some of the things that a man goes through on a date. And it’s really important. But the most important thing, especially to me, as a man…

And this is a real secret, okay? So, if I’m ever dating any one of you reading this article, you’re going to know my secret right now, and if we’re sitting across from each other in a restaurant, you’re going to know what I’m looking for.

I’m looking at you to see if you really get more beautiful in front of me.

Because a woman is a flower to me. So the more my masculine energy is conveyed to her, the more her femininity comes out. The more I can see her femininity show up. The more beautiful she becomes. The more luscious she becomes. And the more I desire her as a person. So usually, I don’t think about physical things. I allow the physical things to happen naturally.

I think about the emotional feeling I have looking into her eyes. Can I imagine having sex with her with her eyes open? Because I’m an eyes-open kind of person, not an eyes-closed person. Can I imagine what it feels like to cuddle her? Can I imagine what it feels like to hug her?

Because if a woman becomes more beautiful, those are the things I’m going to want to do in the future, but those are the things that are going to happen naturally. The desire, to me, always happens over a period of time. The longer I spend with somebody, I want the desire to be ramping up each minute.

Every minute, I want to feel more comfortable, I want to feel more desire, and I want to feel more passion starting to form.

That’s what this man thinks about. I’m not quite sure what the average guy thinks about. But this is what this guy thinks about.