When I was a kid growing up, my mother literally programmed my mind to believe in soul mates.

You see, my mom was this absolutely beautiful woman who was one hot mess.

She married a man that she never truly loved.

So, she spent my childhood teaching me about soul mates.

I remember sitting at the edge of the bed with her, talking about what love should be. And it was funny, because she really never lived that type of love.

When she was older, she passed away without ever having experiencing the love that she always told me existed.

Throughout my entire life, my mother’s words will always ring in my ears: What are the signs?

My mother believed that there were so many different signs that needed to show up in order to know that you were looking at a soul mate connection.

She gave me things to read as a kid about twin souls.

She took me to astrology readings when I was 17 years old.

My birthday is in July, which makes me a Cancer.

My rising sign is Aries, and my Moon is in Gemini, if that means anything to anybody.

My mother gave me signs that were compatible to me. Signs that I can have twin soul relationships with, or twin flame.

She literally put it into my mind, every single day. So, whenever I met somebody, it was always about a moment.

Was this the magic moment that I was going to meet my twin flame?

I would literally look at that moment and break it down, because I was so conditioned to look for that moment.

I remember at one point, I met a woman. We were walking in Palm Springs. We both looked at a picture that said “Home Is Where The Heart Is.” We looked at each other, and we said, that’s what I want with you. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Twin flames, soul mate.

There are many other moments like that. When I was in my 20s, there was a great song that came out from Pink Floyd, it’s called, “The Momentary Lapse of Reason.”

One of the greatest lines in it was this:

Was it the hands of fate that seemed to fit like a glove, or was it just a momentary lapse of reason.

Love is so powerful. Love is so amazing. It’s why we’re here on this planet. We’ll travel for love.

We’ll move for love.

We’ll risk arm and limb in a heartbreak for love.

And then we’ll meet somebody who we truly fall in love with, instantly.

We feel like we’ve known them forever.

When we make love to them, we can look into their eyes and we feel things we’ve never felt before.

We literally can orgasm, just looking at them, because our souls are energetically so alive, and so in-touch, and so wakened up to each other.

We’ll finish each other’s sentences.

We sleep next to them so easily, because that’s a huge thing. Because when you meet your twin flame, you’ve literally can sleep next to them because you finally feel so safe, so protected, so loved.

We’ve opened up a like we’ve never opened up before, in years, where it all tends to get a little well, dicey.

I believe in twin flames.

I believe in soul mates.

I believe that we have many twin flames and many soul mates.

But, this is something I really need to really explain to all of you on a karmic, deeper level.

We have twin flame previews.

We have soul mate previews.

We have contracts with people that, well, we probably knew in lifetimes before that we need to complete in this life.


23 years old.

I met her in Bloomingdales. My knees were shaking when we met. Two days later, we’re in my bedroom making love, telling each other how much we love each other.

I felt like I knew her forever. As a matter of fact, I felt like she was the girlfriend in my past life. I had visions of her. So, the minute I met her, I recognized her immediately. We were definitely twin flames.

The relationship only lasted a few months.

We ended up breaking up. I don’t need to go into those details at all. But that lesson and that experience taught me something that was pretty amazing. It’s called the twin flame previous or the soul mate preview.

There’s no doubt at all that Carolyn and I were twin flames. There’s no doubt that we were not soul mates.

But we were completing a soul contract from a past life.

We weren’t meant to be together in this life for the long haul.

All we were doing was reconnecting and finishing up whatever soul business we had that was left over from other lives.

Did I believe that I was in love with her? Absolutely.

Did I believe that we were soul mates? Absolutely. Were we twin flames? Absolutely.

But here is where it really becomes interesting and gives you a different perspective.

Throughout my life time, I’ve had these twin flame previews.

And whenever I have a preview, it always leads down the road, whether it’s the next day, the next month or a year later to an actual soul to soul twin flame relationship.

We have these previews because it keeps us on the path for love. It’s really important, especially in today’s disconnected world where we’re liking and swiping and disposing of each other like literally like recycled plastic products.

It’s important for us to have a twin flame preview.

When we have a twin flame preview, we’re able to realize that we’re on the right track in the work that we’re doing on ourselves.

You see, life is all about loving yourself on a very deep level, accepting yourself, being the most authentic, vulnerable, real person you can be to yourself.

To me, my mantra every day is that I’m looking to go out and meet my high vibrational equal.

I don’t know where she is. She might be on the street. And I might walk by her. We might recognize one another.

She may be shopping in Whole Foods.

She may be swiping on a dating app. Who knows where she is?

But I know that if I work and love myself and I show up authentic and vulnerable, I may have a twin flame preview.

I may meet somebody and fall head over heels in love.

I may meet them. And we may have that soul to soul sex where I just feel like I’ve met somebody who understands me on such a deep level. When we make love, it may feel like never before. But what I’ve realized through having twin flame previews is I need to remain very present.

So I tend to look at life as a day to day, minute by minute moment. And I write down all the things I’m noticing about my twin flame previously, because in order for them to be a twin flame, we need to be able to work on our day to day things.

We need to be both be ready for this.

We need to both have the same intensity. We need to both be very forthright, authentic, open and honest. I need to look and see if there’s any fear coming up. Not only that, I need to look and see if there’s any patterns that are coming up that I can’t change or control.

You see, my real twin flame is going to hop on this magical journey with me. They’re going to love the intensity. They’re going to love the laughter. They’re going to be able to handle the absolutely soul wrenching love making. And they’re not going to leave.

My twin flame is somebody that’s done the work on themselves as much as I have.

They’re ready for the soul connection. So a lot of the times, we’re lucky enough to have a twin flame preview.

And when we have one, we need to recognize it just as that. And when we do, our heartbreak tends to go away because we realize it’s the universe telling us we’re on the right path. It’s rewarding us with a little taste of what is about to come.

It’s telling us that we can continue to stay open, aware, evolved and raw, that our twin flame is on its way. So the key here, if you have a twin flame preview, is not to shut down, is to open up even more because the universe is watching. And they’re telling you that you’re amazing. And the work that you’ve done and the risks that you’re taking and the authenticity and the love that you have to give and share is beautiful. So look at the preview as exactly what it is, a twin flame preview and stay open and raw and authentic and loving and watching what the universe delivers next.