Are you ready to know what men really want for Valentine’s Day? Well, let me tell you. We already had our Valentine’s Day. It was the Super Bowl.

We got to sit around with friends.

We got to talk football.

What men really want for Valentine's Day
What men really want for Valentine’s Day…

We got to watch a great game.

We got to eat a lot of great food.

We got to analyze things all day long and we got to bond with our pack or men.

That is our Valentine’s Day.

Do you know what we really wanted for Valentine’s Day? We wanted to go away.

We wanted to leave. We want to forget about it.

To most men, Valentine’s Day is a made up day.

It is a made up day in the middle of February due to the fact that winter sucks and you need something that is going to bring couples together that normally don’t get together. I don’t know a single man who likes Valentine’s Day.

Not one. There is not one man that I know who says this:

“I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day.”

“It is my favorite holiday in the whole wide world.”

“I get to buy an overpriced dinner that I can have half price the night after.”

“I get to buy another present even after I bought presents for the Christmas time.”

“I have got to get cards and flowers, and I have got to be, well, under a microscope and if I don’t do it right, I will be crucified at the office.”

We wanted to go away.

We don’t like it.

If we don’t get you the right flowers and it is not delivered at 8:05, but everybody else gets them delivered at 8:05 and our delivery guy delivers them at 10:00, for two hours you are wondering why you have not been crowned queen of the office that day on Valentine’s Day.

It is not our holiday. We do it for you.

Just like most of you will watch the Super Bowl for us. I posted the other day on my Facebook: “What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl?”

There were so many women who wrote, the snacks.

The yoga class I took.

The books that I read.

You see, your indifference towards our Valentine’s Day is the exact way that we feel towards your Valentine’s Day.

It is exactly the way we are on Valentine’s Day.

Woman unhappy on Valentine's Day
Just be appreciative.

We do it for you. So all we want to know is that whatever effort we put in, you are appreciative of it.

This is not our thing.

If we don’t get you the right flowers and we get you the wrong flowers, appreciate them.

Will we make you dinner instead of taking you out to dinner? Appreciate it.

Just appreciate what we do, because we are not wired to be celebrating a holiday in the middle of February. It doesn’t mean a thing to us.

It doesn’t cement the relationship.

It doesn’t make us more romantically inclined to want to be with you.

All it does, and all it is to us, is a chore. It is a chore that we need to make sure that you are happy on Valentine’s Day. Just being honest with all of you, so the pressure is off, and you know that whatever effort he makes, you can really just look at and say thank you, “I love you. Thank you for making the effort.” That is what we really want.