Whats your gameYou’re about to discover a sport that’s played worldwide every single day. And it’s a sport which has dozens of different versions. Men have played this sport since the beginning of time!

When it all began, you had Caveman game. Then there was Julius Caesar game. Then there was Plague game. And I believe in London there was Sherlock Holmes game, and Jack The Ripper game (although that one wasn’t so popular.)

There have been Vampire and Werewolf games. Hell, in the 60’s there was Hippie game, and in the 70’s came Suburban game. The game has been played since men began walking the earth, and all with one thing in mind; Getting the girl!

Some guys want a relationship. Other guys just want to play the game to get laid. But today I’m going to expose the many different versions of this game being played as we speak. Are you ready armchair sports fans?

The Ex game – You thought the Ex games were running on ESPN? Nope. The Ex game is played by the guys who’d do anything to get their ex back. These guys are desperate and they’ll do ANYTHING to win.

Big Daddy game – This man has achieved big things and makes sure every woman he meets knows about it. He uses his success as a weapon of mass seduction and isn’t afraid of taking shortcuts.

Teddy Bear game – The guy with a little pot belly. But this is no flabby belly. Nope. This potbelly is usually hard. He works out but no matter how many sit-ups he does, he can’t shift it. He dresses like a teddy bear and the women love it!

Touchy Feely game – This is one of my favorites. This man is all over women from the moment they meet. He constantly paws at her playfully, almost like a little child grabbing for his Mommy.

Interesting Man game – The man who knows something about everything! He always has something interesting to say, and wows the women with his worldly knowledge. Slightly annoying, but often effective.

Cool Traveler game – He’s the guy that’s always talking about his trips that he goes on, the hotels he stays in, and the things he experiences. He sounds cool, but in reality what he’s playing is Hotel Man game! He’s spends so much time in hotels he knows how to play the hotel lobby like the back of his hand.

Smooth game – He talks with all the deep, silky vocal tones of Barry White. Go YouTube him and you’ll hear what I mean. He’s smooth, calm, and pleasurable to be around.

Yoga game – He dresses in yoga clothes and carries his mat with him wherever he goes. He can be found flirting with other yogis, and sitting in the coolest vegan cafes in town. He talks yoga at every opportunity. He’s yoga man playing Yoga game.

Angel Talking game – This is the man who loves sex with really trippy women who call them they’re angels. We’re not talking about the California Angels Baseball Club here either. We’re talking about “The Angels.” Go read about it.

Astrology game – This man learned his craft back in the 60’s. He’s the guy who constantly asks what star sign you are, and asks to look at your hands. He knows moon signs and air signs. He knows which signs he should be with and which he should stay away from. He’ll even tell you in conversation. “Oh I don’t do well with Aquarius. I should date a Leo really.”  

Numerology game – That’s right. In this calculating little head, he’ll tell you numbers from the day you were born, and everything in between. This guy can work out mathematically where he’s compatible with women. This is always fun to watch.

Magic game – Yep, even after David Blaine this game is still popular. He’s in the bar on a Friday night, and he can make your napkin disappear. He read somewhere online that women find magic game sexy. The trouble is, the only thing he makes vanish are the women!

Flower-napkin game – That’s the guy that who can make a rose out of a napkin in a bar. He’ll give it to a woman, and opens her up that way.  He truly thinks this one trick alone will win her heart.

Bar game –   He hits the bar every single Friday and Saturday night, and Thursday from 8pm till 4 in the morning. He knows all the bartenders by first name, and he canvasses every bar in the area, hitting on as many women as he can.

Day game – These guys go to suburban malls and walk around hitting on women. They have no interest in shopping or buying anything. How do you spot a man playing Day game?

He never has any bags in his hands, and he slowly walks around peering all around him like a demented meerkat. That’s Day game man!

Energy Chart game – This guy talks about the energy she conveys the moment he meets a woman. He connects via energetic waves. He knows about your energetic being and your soul. He obviously spent way too much time in Southern or Northern California.

Poser game – This guy is all about his appearance. He actually dresses better than most women. He wears clothes, which look so damn good, and stands there in the corner with his arms folded, looking cool. He normally stands on one leg, smiling and looking like he’s having an amazing time. In reality, the only reason he’s smiling is his nerves because he has no idea what to say to women.

Coach-Surfing game – This man spends his life travelling the world, sleeping in hostels and on people’s couches. He’s broke. He has no money and can’t afford to be in a hotel. He wants women to think he’s cool, but most are put off by his smell!

Hipster game – He wears a Zack Galifianakis beard. He walks around in a flannel shirt that’s just a little too small for him. He has a pair of ultra-tight jeans that look quite good, except he wears them so high he looks like a hipster.

Gym game – This is one of my favorites. He works on women at the gym constantly. His outfit is uber snug. His hair is perfect and he almost looks like he’s wearing man makeup he looks so perfect. He never gets sweaty no matter how hard he works. Gym game guy is normally friends with Bionic game man. He’s the one grunting and groaning doing super heavy weights. “Look at my muscles” he bellows!

Supermarket game – I’ve been accused of doing this all my life, and there’s nothing wrong with it so I’m not going to say a thing about it. Supermarket game is without doubt the most fun you’ll ever have at a supermarket.

Throw Your Friend Under The Bus game – He’s the friend who lets you open the conversation, and after about five minutes he cock blocks you and turns the conversation round to him. It’s the only way he can ever meet women.

No Game guy – You may also know this man as Masturbation game guy. He’s always there pulling on his penis, thinking about how much he’d love to meet a woman. He masturbates about the girl he met in the elevator, the girl in the cubicle next to him, and the woman he saw on the bus.  Even at work he’ll try and grab a sneaky peak at some porn.

Porn Man game – When he gets a woman into bed, he pops in a porn. The minute she’s starting to feel pleasure in one position, he flips her around in another position. The minute she feels pleasure in that position, he’s doing her in another position. He constantly thinks he’s in porn, and then when he cums, he wants to pull out and squirt a pint of hot yogurt all over her body.

Text game – Guys who are great at texting. They’re better writers than talkers so they use Facebook, Twitter and SMS to work women. They’re always posting pictures of themselves doing something “cool” because they’re fun, modern men.

Broken Heart game – This guy looks for sympathy by telling women about his latest heartache. He bonds with them, and talks about how much he hurts. This guy wants sympathy sex.

The Retarded Bird Game – That’s the guy who’s always following around his friend that’s good with women. He constantly tries to get involved in conversations, but he looks like a retarded bird. You ever have a bird that comes in to your house, flies around like crazy, and even after you open the door, he still hits the wall? Well that’s the retarded bird game.  

Photographer game – He walks around taking pictures of everyone. Women ask what he’s doing and he tells them he has a fashion photo blog online. He asks to take their picture, but we know what he’s really going to use it for.

Sensitive Guy game – This guy can always relate to women. The trouble is he’s constantly in the friend zone. Because he is the sensitive guy, he’s the guy who always has women around.  They all love him, “But only as a friend.”

Tattoo game – Here’s a man plastered in tattoos. He figures women will come and open HIM. Women being curious always ask him what inspired him to get his tattoos, and he tells them great stories. Most the time he just got drunk and ended up at the late night tattoo parlor.

The Curious Man game – It was started by Curious George back in the ’60s. He walks up to women curious about everything. In fact, it’s not a bad game to play because it opens up conversations easily. And women LOVE to talk about themselves!

Farmers Market game – This guy heads to the farmers market with a canvas bag because he wants to save the environment.  So he’s walking around and he’s always got his vegetable stocks coming out because he doesn’t have any plastic bags for his vegetables. You can see what he is cooking because he’s really also Cooking Man game. This is a variation of Farmers Market game. A guy that will always invite you over to his house and cook for you.

The Stand-up Comedian game – He always gives you the best 30 to 45 seconds of himself. He’ll always try to make you laugh. Whenever a conversation doesn’t go his way he’ll add a little joke to make everyone laugh. But Standup Comedian game doesn’t normally get the girl, because he doesn’t know who he really is.

Serious Man game – He’s always serious. Everything is deadly serious to him. He never has humor. He’s very much like Concerned Man game. Everything concerns him. He’ll worry about himself, and he’ll worry about the women he dates.

Savior game – This guy thinks he’s a hero. He’s out there rescuing damsels in distress. When a woman has been hurt by a man, or life’s getting her down, Savior man will fly in and take good care of her.

Bible game – He preaches from the Bible and talks about how God will save Heaven and Hell and everything else. He’s Bible game guy.

And finally there’s…

Drunk Man game – He’s my favorite. He can’t talk to a single woman unless he’s had 5 or 6 drinks inside him. Then he doesn’t remember what he’s said. He thinks he has mad game because he got a phone number. Then in the morning, he wakes up and becomes Boring Man game. Now women understand why he needed a drink to speak to them!  

Every day there’s another way man invents game on women.  I bet you didn’t realize there were so many games did you?

Finding your game is important.  Finding what works for YOU is important. So what’s your game and where do YOU fit into all of this?

And ladies is you’re reading this and snickering don’t get too comfortable because Women’s Game will be coming really soon!