How many of you are on Tinder?

We’ve talked a little bit about Tinder, and about how Tinder can and cannot work, but the real question is, do you want to know how to make Tinder work for you?

A lot of you out there are trying to hook up, get laid, meet women on Tinder. You probably go home frustrated every night, not being able to meet anybody. Then you go online, check out Tinder, and hope for the best… which is not what happens. Tinder can be so frustrating for the average guy, but there are ways to navigate Tinder to meet women. To get laid. There are loopholes in the way it’s set up. Loopholes that Tinder doesn’t want you to know about.

There’s little things you need to know about Tinder to make it work for you. Today, we dive into Tinder and how to navigate it successfully, I’ll give you the inside scoop, the tricks you need to know to end up on top.