podcast with david wygantThis is the third week now I’ve posted a podcast from the boot camp.

As anybody who has attended a boot camp would know, a lot of the times when we’re done meeting women in the field, we head back to either my hotel room or my house and begin these inner mindset conversations.

But sometimes we just get into basic fun conversations.

Here’s another one from the boot camp. It’s all about meeting women, how it shouldn’t be a chore even though it feels like a chore; and how to make it more fun and exciting.

A lot of the guys I spoke with feel like it’s work to meet women. To me, it’s a game–it’s fun, it’s exciting, and I’m going to share that with you in today’s podcast.

Also, do me a favor, guys, pass that on to anybody you know that could use a little bit of help.

Listen and enjoy: