Hey Guys, Shogo here with another Weekend tip for you!

I was at a friend’s house for a BBQ recently, and a few of them were planning on going out to bars that night. I started talking to two guys, really cool guys, who were asking me for tips on where to go out and meet women. One of them was in a relationship, so it was the other guy who wanted to meet somebody that night, maybe get some phone numbers.

I suggested some places for them to go out, and the two of them decided that the relationship guy was going to play the role of the wingman for the single guy. So we talked a bit about the “wingman” concept, and I told them some of my thoughts on what the wingman is for why I think having a wingman when you go out is a pretty goofy idea in first place.

For a lot of guys, having a wingman is necessary. They couldn’t imagine the thought of going out by themselves and having to meet people when they’re out alone.

When you rely on having a wingman when you go out at night, you’re basically treating your night out like a sport. It’s like a game, and the goal of the game is to meet some women, get a phone number, maybe hook up that night, whatever it is that you’re into. So in order to accomplish your goal, you need a teammate, a partner in crime, a like-minded cat who’s going to help you get there. In short, your wingman.

How To Find A Good Wingman

A wingman can serve several different purposes. He’ll hype you up to the person you’re talking to and make you look good. He’ll distract other people for you so that you can focus in on the woman you want to get to know. He’ll make it look like you actually have friends when you’re out meeting people and that you’re not a social outcast–social proof, as some like to call it. He’ll make you feel less awkward as you’re standing around scanning the room thinking about all the women you’d like to be talking to.

For all of you guys who are going out trying to meet women at night time, here are my thoughts on wingmen: get rid of the whole concept.

Try going out by yourself for once and see what happens. Why? Because it shows that you have confidence. You have the confidfence to go out at night by yourself, talk to and get to know whoever you want, and have a great time without the help of anyone else. You don’t worry about looking awkward. You don’t need someone to cover your ass, talk you up, or someone to stand there next to you so that you don’t feel so self-conscious.

Going out by yourself is ballsy. It shows that you don’t have to rely on the wolfpack to go out and have a good time, that you do whatever you want, and that don’t really care what other people think about you. Not only that, if you’re out without a wingman or without a group of guys, you HAVE to meet people. It’s like traveling by yourself–which is the only way I travel these days. When you walk through the world on your own, you’re forced to interact with others. You don’t have the excuse of huddling in the corner with the people you know, looking around all self-conscious and never talking to anyone new all night long.

Try it out this weekend. And let’s hear from you guys about what you think about wingmen.

And if you absolutely MUST have someone with you when you go out, if you’re not at the level yet where you feel comfortable by yourself, then go out with a person who you’re going to be able to have fun with. It doesn’t have to be the coolest person, or the guy who is really connected, or the one with the best pick up lines, or the best looking of all your friends–make it someone who you’re going to be able to really enjoy spending time with, someone who you feel good around and you can let loose and just have a blast with. That person is going to be your best bet for a wingman!