Hey guys, Shogo here. It’s Friday, are you ready for the weekend??

I have a confession to make: I went out last night. And I got really, really drunk. So drunk in fact that I decided to leave my girlfriend stranded at the place we were at and took a cab home by myself. And I was keeping all her money and her ID in my pocket. Don’t ask me why. Not the smartest decision I’ve made in my life. Like I said……I was drunk.

So here’s to making not-so-smart decisions while wasted. Let’s hear from you guys. Ever made any stupid drunk decisions? I certainly have my fair share.

I think it’s ok to go out once in a while and just get really drunk if that’s what you want. I honestly think that it’s fine, as long as you understand what you’re doing, you can control yourself, and you keep your lifestyle balanced. For me, I do it like once every month. About once a month, duty calls and I get the urge to just go out and get shitfaced with my friends. I like to call it the male version of getting my period. Other than that I’m not a huge drinker other than a beer or a couple glasses of wine with dinner. Wait a second I sound like functioning alcoholic.

But one of the biggest mistakes that guys who are dating can make is when they decide to go out at night and mingle with friends, to go out and meet new women, is that they end up getting really drunk. And they do it every time. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks here and there. But if you’re out there trying to meet new women to date, and you’re choosing bars as the place to do it, don’t get hammered every time you go out. It sounds so obvious, but when you’re in a bar all night it’s actually really easy to get carried away and have one pint or seven too many.

Why Drinking Prevents You From Hooking Up

Guys, here’s a tip: NEVER use alcohol as a way to get up the courage to go approach and talk to a woman at a bar. Never. There’s a fine line between “social lubricant” and “liquid courage”.

You see a cute girl at the bar you’d like to talk to. You don’t really know what to say. But you’ve been reading this blog and learning from David so you already know that there is no best thing to say. You’re going to just go up and say hi. But you need another drink first. So you go hang with your buddies and have another round. Five rounds and two hours later: it’s last call, you forgot about the cute girl and you’re standing there with your buddies like a sloppy mess, or you finally did go talk to the cute girl, but you were tipsy and she wasn’t, and the conversation didn’t go so well because you couldn’t really communicate.

Don’t make it a habit to guzzle down some liquid courage before you can start a conversation. Use real courage. When you get that urge, it’s time to “just say no.” Use real courage, and once you can do it sober, meeting new women in bars very casually will start getting so easy and fun for you.

Alcohol will never help you grow balls. Getting drunk once in a while can be fun, but understand it for what it is. It’s not going to help you meet women. And if you have in the past, it’s because you got lucky. That’s why they call it “getting lucky.” Two drunk people basically bumped into each other on accident, looked at each other, and said, “Let’s get it on!”

So if you’re a habitual drinker that’s my challenge to you this weekend: if you’re going out tonight, switch it up a little. Drink soda for the entire night and see how many women you can talk to. Make it fun. Use it as a conversation opener. Go up to random people, say, “Hey, I’m trying out a new social experiment. I usually drink when I go out to bars, but my conversations are always a little hazy. So tonight I’m drinking apple juice like a little kid and I’m seeing if my conversations are any different. And I’m going to entertain myself by finding the most drunk people in here and watching them interact.” Then lean back and let the conversation unfold.

I guarantee you one thing: you won’t be the last drunk guy looking around with his dick in hand as the lights come up for last call.