I’m going to take you through 24 hours of my life. Not to brag about what I do or who I am…

But to get you to think about how you look at your life in a 24 hour period.

See, to me, life is just an endless gift that keeps giving answers.



Life is so beautiful when you’re in full appreciation and you’re totally present to everything that’s going on.

Last month, I was going to head to the desert.

I met a really wonderful woman. I was going to share an afternoon in the desert with her because she was in town, and I figured I’d drive out and see her.

I left my house on Saturday morning.

And I forgot my wallet. I had to turn around, so instead of getting annoyed, I actually looked at it as a gift. What was the universe trying to tell me?

When I got back to my house, I packed an overnight bag, because I thought, what if we have a great time and we just want to spend the night together?

That was the reason why the universe was pulling me back to my house. That’s why I forgot my wallet.

So I went, remained present. Got out to the desert. Had a wonderful time. A wonderful dinner, and sure enough, we ended up getting a hotel room and just spent the night cuddling.

When we were cuddling and enjoying the night, our neighbors were a little rowdy.

Apparently, they had some domestic issues between the two of them, and thought that they were the only guests in the hotel, so they were constantly storming out of the room, throwing things around, yelling and arguing like they were home.

We called the front desk several times.

Eventually, they switched us to another room and told us they would take great care of us.

Instead of getting all annoyed, and instead of getting upset, I just took life as it came. I figured there’d be some gifts in this. And one of the gifts was this: instead of going to sleep, I got to spend a couple extra hours snuggling and cuddling next to somebody who is absolutely beautiful and amazing.

Finally, we went to another room, we fell asleep, and the next morning we woke up, and went down to the front desk.

The general manager was waiting for us.

He took great care of us. Free lunch.

A free weekend stay coming up in the future.

And I got to spend time talking to him and all the other front desk people and just enjoyed that magical moment connecting with strangers.

As I was driving home, I left a beautiful day in the desert, 72 degrees. The wind was blowing, sun was out, and as I drove down I-10, the traffic got worse, and the weather started getting worse. First it was a dust storm.

Then the temperature dropped literally 30 degrees and I was in a 42 degree rainstorm, and my navigation system was taking me all different ways to get me off the interstate.

Instead of getting annoyed, I followed the navigation system and took a tour of some mountain desert town.

Checked out how other people lived, looked at their homes, realized, this is exactly the journey that I’m supposed to be on. Appreciate it, and taking every single bit of it in.

Was I wishing that there was no traffic so I could get home quicker? Absolutely.

But, there was nothing I could do, so I just went with it. I went with the flow, I went with the way life was presenting itself, and I literally just went and realized that this was a gift. Instead of looking at it as an aggravation, instead of looking at as a nuisance thing, I just looked at it as a gift, and took it all in.

That’s how I live life. I got to spend the morning with a beautiful woman. I got to look at the beautiful sunshine of the desert, I got to experience a high mountain range storm.

I got to feel the temperature drop 30 degrees in literally 10 minutes.

I got to meet some interesting people, I got a room upgrade, and free room the next time I’m out there.

And I just went with the flow, and that’s why life is such an incredibly beautiful gift. You never know what’s going to happen.

You never know what gifts are going to show up. You never know what connections you may have, or what lessons may show up for you.

So just go with it. Be present. Accept whatever is happening and watch the answers and the beauty unfold.