I’ve written about this many times, and I’m going to write about it again.

I hate liars.

To me, a liar is the lowest form of human being that’s ever existed.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this world who are narcissists.

And narcissists will twist and turn words, and literally lie their way through life.

Fortunately and/or unfortunately, I’ve had to deal with a narcissist in my life, and I’ve had to deal with somebody who lives a life of lies.

See, one of my skills as a coach is being able to see someone’s bullshit miles down the road.

Oh, I see their lies 24/7. I catch their lies non-stop.

It’s interesting because I always wonder, when a liar is living lies, do they ever catch themselves? Do they ever have a moment where they actually look in the mirror and say holy shit, I am one dishonest person?

My first liar was a man by the name of Russ. I was doing business with him and he literally lied about everything he did in his life. And when I caught his lies, he found ways to tell other people lies and make me seem like I was the crazy person or the liar.

Liars are amazing people because they have to spend their day literally trying to remember their side of the truth.

They’ll look at you straight in the eye, and they’ll even tell you, you need to hear my side of the truth.

But the truth has really only ONE side.

If you’ve got two authentic people, then the truth will always be about the same exact thing. The experiences that both of you have leading to the truth might be different, but the truth that you each arrived at is always the same.

Not so when you’re dealing with a liar. A liar doesn’t believe in the truth. They create their own version of the truth: the version that suits themselves.

That’s a great trait of borderline personality disorder and narcissism.

They love to create stories that have so many holes in them, and then when the person they’re up against catches them in all their lies, they have to cover up all of their tracks to make sure that are other people support their lies.

I’ve seen these liars firsthand and it’s pretty amazing to witness them. They’ll literally look me in the eyes, and they’ll tell me an event that happened entirely different than how it actually happened.

There could be eyewitnesses, written proof, even a novel about their life which is 100% based on fact, but they’ll find a way to construe it for their own needs and their own bullshit.

It didn’t happen the way everybody else saw. It only happened the way that they saw it.

Liars wake up every day and they need to remember exactly how they were lying.

But when you live your truth…

You don’t have to remember anything. As a matter of fact, life just kind of flows for you.

Life just kind of happens really nicely and really easily.

You don’t have to think about anything, worry about anything, wonder about anything at all. As a matter of fact, nothing really seems to come up except the truth.

The truth is amazing. It literally sets you free.

We’ve heard all the cliches, but it really does set you free.

So I’d like to challenge you today to take a look at your life.

How many lies are you living in your life?

How many people are affected by your lies?

Because don’t forget, if you’re a parent, a mother, or a father, a husband, or a wife, the lies that you tell yourself are greatly affecting other people as well.

Not only that, but if you’re a mom or dad and you’re lying, you’re teaching your children that lies are perfectly acceptable.

You’re literally giving them a blueprint in life that is not a blueprint that you should at all be giving these innocent beings.

It’s time to call you all out on your BS today, and start to live the beautiful, authentic version of what life can be, no matter how much of a challenge it might appear to be.