I am going to call some of you out by name today, and am going to call the rest of you out who are not being mentioned by name by challenging you to talk. To a.movie, you are 100% correct – you’ve come to this blog to be challenged.

That is how I set up the blog to be. I set up this blog to challenge all of you to get out of your comfort zones, and start meeting and experiencing people like never before.

Sandra, you are acting like a child. I never told you not to post. I never, ever, put the kibosh on any of your posts and, in fact, I actually responded to a number of them. So for you to now call the blog “boring and stupid” makes you sound like a three year old who is pouting after not getting her way.

Also, Sandra, your comment about discrimination was completely ridiculous. This isn’t the 1960’s and we’re not talking about busing. C’mon! No one is discriminating against you here, and to make such an allegation is just ridiculous.

I’m actually calling everyone out today. If anyone has something to say, say it! Remember my “Grow Some Balls” blog from last week? I challenge everyone today who has something to say to “grow some balls” and say it here and now.

Today is Monday and it’s almost the end of the month, so if you’ve got something to say — whether it’s that you hate this blog, you love the blog, you don’t like what certain people have to say or whatever — say it!

Say it all now, because once today is over we won’t be dealing with shit like this anymore. Once today is over, we will go back to being challenged and stimulated (like a.movie said). We will go back to sharing our deepest thoughts with each other so we can continue our personal journeys to grow.

So for today, if you want to get into a schoolyard fight and act like spoiled children, go for it! If you want to call someone out, go for it! Dr. Bob, if you want to get into an argument with Sandra, go for it!

Remember that if there is a person (or persons) who comments on the blog who gets on your nerves, that quite often what they are seeking is attention. They will often act like a little kid to get that attention. I believe that all of us really like little kids deep inside.

So if you don’t like what someone is posting or how often they post, then just ignore them! Stand down. Don’t invite them to play kickball with the other kids. Don’t pick them to be on your team for the next game of Red Rover or Kick The Can at recess. Eventually if you ignore them long enough, they’ll learn how to play well with others on the playground (aka the blog).

As for the rest of you quiet people, sometimes numbering over 10,000 people a day, I want to address you now. We have a lot of silent readers. I want to hear from all of you today. How do you feel about all this?

The comments section of the blog is a “free for all.” There have been some amazing conversations back there. There have been some stupid conversations back there. That’s life.

So if you want to call someone out on the blog, that’s part of what life is all about. Let’s call this part of the blog “relationship 101.” No one here is a victim. No one should act like a victim and feel like they’re getting picked on here.

I don’t write my blogs about individual people, and if you think I am then you’re living in a fantasy world. Granted, I do reference individuals from time to time, but I am never writing entire blogs all about one person.

If you feel I am writing a blog about you, then that is simply a reflection of you recognizing that I am talking about your issues in a blog. It is simply you recognizing in yourself certain behaviors, problems or issues that I’m writing about in the blog.

I’m done . . . your turn!