Love Letters
By David Wygant

Happy Friday to all of you!!

First I want to thank everyone for an amazing week of blogging. All of your posts have been fantastic to read.

The battle we had over money and women the other day was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of truth told about some women and men in our culture. There are a ton of men and women who are attracted to relationships built on money and convenience.

To see this, you need look no further than certain postings on Craigs List. Take a look at it one day . . . you will see some amazing eye-opening posts.

Today I want to send a message to all of you who write me for advice. I enjoy reading all of your emails, but I want to encourage each of you who write me personally for free advice to start posting your questions on the blog!!

Your questions are fantastic. If you posted them on the blog, everyone would benefit not only from getting to read my answers, but also from the open discussions that would develop from them.

If you desire to be coached by me, then by all means email me right away and I will give you my undivided attention. Coaching and helping everyone is my passion.
To check out my coaching click here.
For those of you who do not have the financial means to work with me one-on-one through one of my many coaching programs, however, I encourage you to join our community and post those great questions on the blog so everyone can read them, read my advice and read the advice given by members of the community.

Now there are some people who feel the need, particularly after one of my Yahoo articles is posted, to send me emails venting their personal frustration and attacking me for my advice. To all of you who send these kind of emails, I’d like you to look in the mirror and answer one question: Are you really angry at me . . . or are you really frustrated with your own dating life?

Personal attacks on me have no effect on me at all. When I read some of these nasty emails, I actually feel sorry for the people who write them.

Anyone who gets angry about an article posted on Yahoo has some serious issues with themselves. I am not your enemy, and if you opened your eyes and were honest with yourself you would actually move forward in life and learn new things.

So today I will be posting some of the “love letters” I’ve received from these frustrated people. Let’s open our minds and help out these lost souls. Let’s help them realize that they need to look in the mirror and take full responsibility for their lives.

So check back all throughout the day as I will be putting up some interesting posts in the comments section.

As for the other big thing this weekend . . . Here are a few predictions from yours truly:

Patriots 38 Jaguars 17

C’mon . . .Two weeks for Brady and Belichick to prepare? The only playoff game they lost together was last year’s championship.

Colts 31 Chargers 17

Norv Turner . . . Need I say more?

Giants 27 Cowboys 23

Jessica Simpson has Tony Romo’s balls in her hands. Plus, who knows how Terrell Owens is going to hold up.

Packers 31 Seahawks 23

Seattle is not a very consistent team.

See, not only do I provide you dating advice you can take to the bank . . . but I also give you football picks you can take to your bookie! 🙂

Todays video is for all the lost souls that instead of getting angry with me, they can learn the art of creating chemistry with women.