Have you guys ever looked at the love for sale section on Craigs List?

It is by far some of the best reads ever.

I wanted to share a funny one that one of you sent me this morning,

Heres a guy that basically is near 60 and he wants a young hot plaything to be at his beckon call.

I love men who cant deal with aging and expect some young hot woman to be totally turned onto them in all ways.

Give this a read and share with me any Craigs list experiences you may have had.

And read it all the way through and check out his code word at the end!!

It should have been sugar daddy!!!

Hello, I am seeking a pretty and slender, affectionate and special Latin female in her early twenties for friendship, love, and possibly marriage…..

I am fond of Latin people, their mentality, culture and emotional generosity. I lived in Spain for a long time, also in Mexico and Colombia…..Born and raised in Germany, I have some German earnestness and solidity, a Latin soul, and an optimistic Southern Californian mindset. I speak English and Spanish fluently (and a few other languages).

If you are dreaming of an unusual man, in all modesty here he is: I have traveled all over the world, am highly educated, open-minded, romantic, faithful and noble, with a very soft heart, stable values and deep feelings. I would like you to have the same human qualities. I will give you all my love, treat you with respect, and adore you with passion. I am divorced and totally independent. Being 58, I feel very young and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. I am 5 ft., 11in., 170 pounds and in excellent shape. I don’t have children and prefer that you don’t have either. But I like children and imagine that at some point I will have a family.

I am fascinated by languages and my hobby is my profession: I have my own language corporation in Los Angeles. My other interests include writing short stories and poems, reading, studying, thinking, meditating, and dreaming, traveling, psychology and personal growth, ethnic music from all over the world, especially from Latin countries, salsa, samba, flamenco, jazz and blues, outdoor activities by the beach and in the countryside, but also quiet hours at home, personal, totally candid conversations, and relaxed and intimate times with my love….and so much more….

I live in Southern California and in Germany….and am able to offer you an interesting and fulfilling life. I am totally independent, so we can live here or in Europe.

Let us reach our dreams! I hope for your friendly message (with photo)

P.S. I am not into virtual affairs, online chatting or endless texting. Our goal should be to exchange phone numbers and get together in person as soon as we feel comfortable with each other.
In order to avoid unwanted messages I would request that you include the code word LOVE in the subject line of your first message.
I will answer any message that includes the code word and your picture. THANK YOU!