So many of you make this mistake:

You say to yourself, “Once I meet a great woman, my life will be perfect.”

Well let me tell you: That’s 100% wrong.

Really creating an amazing life and doing everything that you love; filling your life with great friends; and filling your life with amazing adventures, is all about falling in love with the most important person in the world…


You see, once you begin living a fulfilled life, the women will follow.

Because a woman is not going to make your life better, it’s up to you to do that.

It’s up to you to make you’re life better. So don’t wait for that trip that you wanted to do because you wanted to go to Paris with a woman. Do what you want and become a well rounded interesting man.

By doing that, you’ll always have so much to talk about. So many women that will just become so attracted to you, because of the lifestyle you’ve created.

You see women are all about meeting a man that has a rich lifestyle.

And I don’t mean rich monetarily, I’m talking a lifestyle that’s full of rich experiences, things that he does.

Because in order to be a real guy, a real hit with the women, you need to be a hit with yourself first.