Saturday night I actually did something that was a first for me. At this point in my life, there aren’t that many firsts anymore.

There is actually one first that scares the crap out of me, which is having a little rug rat running around. Saturday’s first wasn’t that one, although it was related to that.

No, I didn’t get my girlfriend pregnant. So what was it? We went to a co-ed baby shower.

I just never knew how fun baby showers can be. You play games guessing the date and time of the baby’s birth along with it’s born along with it’s weight at birth.

I don’t know what you win. I mean, do you get to change the baby’s diaper for a while or something? Going to a co-ed baby shower, though, was a first for me. After going to a baby shower, I decided I think they should be left as women-only functions.

Lucky for us, we couldn’t find a seat at any of the ‘cool people’ tables (kind of like at a wedding). So we had to create our own table. When we did, we had the benefit of sitting with the mother-to-be’s Uncle Hal.

Have you ever met someone in life who reconfirms the exact thing you were talking about three hours earlier? Not only that, they actually take the message deeper with you?

I’m not sure in what you guys believe, but I’ve always believed that if you need to learn or experience something that the Universe will deliver it to you. Some people call that God.

I don’t know exactly what I believe when it comes to God. Personally, I think there needs to be a committee, because when you look at individual leaders they tend to not do such a great job.

Faith, though, is very important to people. The human spirit wants to believe in things. I have never criticized anyone’s religious beliefs.

Keep in mind that life has no instruction manual. I always believe in trying things over and over and over again until you get them right. Then once you do get them right, you realize that there is no right or wrong . . . there’s just experience showing you what works for you.

So today, I want to leave you with something about which to think. I know that some of you need a little extra inspiration on a Monday.

I want you to think about what the following statement means to you, and I want to thank Uncle Hal for sharing it with me. Here it is:


How does this make you feel?

What does it make you think?

How does it resonate with some of the things you’re trying to accomplish in your life that utterly frustrate you?

Have a killer Monday!