As usual, it always seems like three of the top four teams are always:

The Patriots.

The Green Bay Packers.

And the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh is playing for their ninth Superbowl.

Brady is playing for his sixth Superbowl, something like that.

And the Packers, they seem to always be in the playoffs every single year. I think it’s seven straight years.

The Falcons, well, they’re in and out of the playoffs.

But what do all these teams have in common with your life and how you can learn and understand lessons from the NFL and relate it to all aspects of your life from dating to work to everything?

1. Your Coach.

Three of the best coaches in football are coaching in this weekend’s finals.

Bill Belaczeck: best coach that’s ever coached the game of football.

Mike Tomlin: fiery undisciplined coach at times. But seems to always motivate the Steelers and get them to the playoffs almost every single year.

Mike McCarthy: disciplined, knows how to get the most out of his team. And knows how to get the most out of minimal talent at times, especially at the running back situation.

So everybody in life needs a good coach that’s going to center them, ground them and help them achieve what they need to achieve.

2. Ownership.

Well, imagine you’re an NFL team. You’re the owner of this team. Take a look at your team. Take a look at your life. Take a look at how things have done. Take a look at the chaos that surrounds you on a regular basis. Take a look at how you manage decisions. You own this franchise called you.

If you take a look at the best teams in football, they’re owned by the most stable people out there.

They’re not changing coaches every few years.

They’re not having bad drafts.

They’re developing players.

They’re not overspending in free agency looking for the immediate fix.

It’s like that with your life, as well.

When you’re having a problem, do you invest in yourself or do you get on the Internet and look for an immediate quick fix? Maybe a book or a program that you think will just change your life.

Or even, ask me a question because you truly believe that if I answer one question it’s going to change your life. I can’t begin to tell you how many people do that. You e-mail me. And you say, if you could just answer this one question, things are going to change for me.

No, that’s the mentality of other franchises like the Jets.

Teams that are constantly losing, not making the playoffs because once again, ownership is everything. And stability is everything.

3. The quarterback.

Well, technically, you are the quarterback and the owner of your franchise. Take a look at the four teams that are left. They have four of the best quarterbacks in football.

Aaron Rodgers is on a run right now like never before.

He hit all the cliches.

Tom Brady is 39 and plays the game like a 27-year-old.

Matt Ryan was the number one draft pick, who put up stats but never did well in the playoffs.

And Ben Rothesberger is just a psychotic man who plays quarterback like a linebacker. He’s a great leader.

All four of these men are great leaders. They’re the quarterbacks of their team.

So think about this: as you slowly make your way through life, you’ve got to be the quarterback, the owner and you should have a coach that keeps you on the right track.

Otherwise, you’re just going to be like so many of the other franchises. The franchises like the Buffalo Bills, who continuously have turmoil and chaos.

The 49ers, who had one of the best coaches in football, decided to let him go. And look at the turmoil and chaos since then.

You take a look at winning franchises and what makes each of them a winning franchise is that they have all the key things working for them: great ownership, a great quarterback and a great coach.

Take a look at your own life. And tell me if you have all three of those things.