new york snowThere are two sides to driving around Los Angeles.

There’s day driving where you’ll literally lose your mind. If you’ve ever driven around Los Angeles you’ll know how bad it is. You get people not paying attention, cars shooting out at you, pedestrians darting across the road when they shouldn’t.

But at night in Los Angeles, it’s a whole different experience. You can actually see the place at night. There’s the glow of Los Angeles when you drive around at night. You can go up into the hills and see the glow of the lights everywhere.  There’s not a square inch of this city that isn’t taken up by real estate or a home.

It’s interesting because when you’re sitting in traffic in the daytime you don’t notice much around you because traffic is so frustrating. At night, when you drive around you can really see everything. You see buildings, you see stores, and you see the signs. I’ve always enjoyed the two sides of cities.

I remember New York City whenever there was a snowstorm; it became the romantic, beautiful place you see in the movies. There were some snowstorms in New York so big they literally shut down the city. Even the yellow cabs weren’t out. I remember walking around New York in the snow, walking down major avenues with no cars.

I remember when the Mets on the World Series in 1986. I led a group of about 100 people walking up 9th Avenue back to the Upper West Side. The whole city stopped.

There are differences between night and day wherever you live. What I love about nighttime is driving can clear your mind. You can think. You can think about your day, you can think about different things. The same clogged up place that drove you nuts during the day can be a beautiful, serene, thoughtful place at night. You notice more at night too. You notice how little attention people pay to each other.

In the big city, everybody wants to remain anonymous. Isn’t that what life is, unfortunately, about? Remaining anonymous? We all want to connect. We all want to meet someone amazing, yet everybody is so isolated from everyone else, especially in a city the size of Los Angeles. We are all isolated, driving our cars, cruising to our little boxes we live in, closing the door and shutting out the outside world. Has it become like that everywhere?

Today, I want you to tell me what your town is like. What are some of the quirks of the places you live? What’s it like driving at night compared to daytime? Sometimes it is fun to have a conversation on the blog that allows me to learn about all of you, learn about where you’re from, learn about who you are besides the issues of dating and relationships. There is more to life than talking about dating. In fact, communicating is what life is all about.