dating advice for womenLadies over the age of 40 (and some of you below) need to read this immediately because the key to your future happiness is right here. If I meet, or have an email from one more woman who has stopped being fun, I’m going to shake you all. I’m going to come and kick your cute little ass all over the place.

One of my lead coaches Brett, went on a date the other night with a beautiful woman. She was stunning. She’s 40 years old, and she had completely forgotten how to let go and have fun. Life and love hasn’t worked out the way she’d planned, and now, instead of being that fun spontaneous girl she used to be, she now wants to over-analyze the hell out of everything. She wants to “investigate” any man she gets involved with meticulously, and she takes dating as seriously as death!

The more life we live, the more articles we read, the more coaches we listen to, the more seminars we attend, and the more information we try to soak up, the more confused we get. We over-analyze everything now, because we’re over-guru’d this culture. And let me tell you something, I’m truly happy you found me, because far from being a “guru,” I tell it how it is.

Here’s the deal…

Men will fall in love with the woman who is cooler than any other he’s met. When a man is in love you’ll hear him say things like, “I wasn’t looking for a relationship, but she was just so different to all the other girls I’ve met before. She’s cool. She’s funny. She didn’t bust my balls. She makes everything so easy, and fun. She didn’t tell me on the first date how she wants to get married and have kids within the next few years. There was not pressure. We got to know each other naturally, and it was just all so organic and enjoyable.”

Men are attracted to women who are open and fun. And I find most women over the age of 40 are fearful and intense. You can see a look in their eyes that says, “Oh my god. This is taking too long. I don’t want to waste time. I don’t want to get any older without love. Just tell me you love me already.

Here’s something most men won’t tell you. We want to fall in love with that girl we fell in love in High School again. We want to meet that girl who was so fun to be around in our college days. Stop over analyzing everything, and stop looking for answers that don’t exist. Stay with me, because I’ll guide you and I’ll help you find incredible love. You need to stop asking your friends for dating advice, and you have stop analyzing the hell out of every single word that comes out of a man’s mouth.

Learn to trust your instinct. Women have this amazing instinct, yet you’ve stopped trusting yourselves. Trust your decisions in life. Don’t think on things too long. Consider and then act. Spontaneity is the key to life. Don’t question everything. This is what I want you to do…

Quit all the other gurus right now. In life whenever you take advice from someone you need to ask yourselves these questions….

Are they successful? Are they real? Are they authentic? Do they really care about me? Can I learn something from them?

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading me. If I say so myself, I know my dating advice rocks because it comes from the heart, and it comes from being real and authentic!