Yesterday in the blog we talked about the Friday Night Lurker. For those of you who did not read it, I suggest you read it first so today’s blog will make more sense.
To understand the Lurker before the Entrance check this out. Now that you have met Lurker man it is time for you to understand who this other man is.

Does anyone know what an “entrance man” is?

A lot of guys always wonder how to really be successful when they go out to a bar. A lot of women wonder about this as well actually. Honestly, it’s all about how you make your entrance.

When you walk into a bar for the very first time, you really are just walking into a live show. People are looking around, wondering what to do and looking for things to talk about with people.

So if you walk into a bar and you see somebody that you know, then you need to walk over there and act like you haven’t seen that person in ten years. Give them a big hug or kiss (or whatever it might be) and look really excited by it. What happens when you do that is that you create intrigue and attraction.

People will be wondering about you. They will be thinking, “who is that person who made this grand entrance into the room?”

if you look around a typical bar, most people have the exact same look about them. They have their hands in their pockets swaying back and forth, and are sitting there wondering what to do and say.

So being “entrance man” is really important. It’s all about creating attraction and intrigue.

That is why whenever I walk into a place, I find someone I can connect with right away. I always stand right in the middle of the bar, and talk and have a good time with my friends. I smile. I laugh. I look around and make eye contact with other people. I have complete control of my situation and my surroundings.

Most guys don’t do that. Most guys walk into a bar and head right to the corner. They become “corner man,” where they are basically hanging out in the corner all night long wondering what to do, what to say, and how to talk.

If you’re going to go to a bar at night, then you stand right in the center of that bar with your friend and have a good time. Let other people become attracted to you!

Yes, notice what other people are doing and when other people are looking at you. When someone is looking at you, you make sure you acknowledge them. Smile at them, and then wave them over.

You are going to do all of this because you’ve become “entrance man,” and you’re the center of attention now. That’s exactly why I wait and hang out in the center of the bar — because I am always allowing other people to become attracted to me.