Relationship time bombWhen you wake up in the morning, can you hear this strange tick tick ticking sound?

You know most of us don’t have clocks that tick like this anymore, so you drive yourself crazy trying to work out where it’s coming from. You look all around the house. You search high and low. You think to yourself, “Did my Grandmother leave an old alarm clock somewhere when she stayed here last?”

Or is it just your “internal clock” ticking?

You can actually hear it. I get emails from women all the time. In each one, they talk about their age. “I’m a young looking 40. I’m 53 but guys think I’m younger.”

Women always talk about their age, and it’s because you feel it more than men do. You spent all these years invested in trying to find the one, and you’re worried time is running out. You’re ready for the marriage and babies, but the problem is you can’t seem to find yourself a guy who wants that too.

This is something that happens in a woman’s head all the time. Something kicks in, and this imaginary clock starts ticking in her head. It doesn’t matter what age you’re at. It doesn’t matter what your goal is. You could desire marriage, children, or a move away to some tropical paradise. Whatever it is, you have a goal and you suddenly feel like your age is catching up with you, and time is running out.

When that clock of yours kicks in, dating is no longer fun. It becomes a game of urgency because you NEED to find the one before your time runs out. Your whole dating history comes back to haunt you, and you make the same mistakes you always have time after time because you’re under so much pressure.

So how you do stop that imaginary clock of yours ticking and tocking? How do you finally find someone who wants a long-term relationship without putting yourself under so much pressure?

Simple. You go back to being cool again.  That’s right.  Now, I’m not talking about having crazy, wild sex, and drinking until all hours of the morning. I’m talking about just being cool. Being that fun and inspiring woman, men are looking for. You see, we don’t have the same tick, tick, tick going on.  So when we meet you, we want to know that it’s us you want, and not just a body to fill your internal tick, tick, tick.  

When we’re out on a date with a woman who has that ticking clock, we can feel the pressure and it turns us off.  If you want to find that great guy, then be the fun, carefree, amazing woman that you were before you started labeling what you want.  See, we fall in love with the cool girl. We fall in love with the woman that’s carefree and fun.  

We want to fall in love with you, and know that you’ve fallen in love with us. Not that you’ve fallen in love with us because we’re the closest thing you’re going to get to “the one” and your clock says something is better than nothing. That’s the quickest way to get yourself into a cold, loveless relationship, destined for disaster. You need to think about that the next time you hear that tick-tock inside your head.