‘Tis the season to be horny
Fa la la la la . . . ooh la la la

During my last weekend bootcamp, a guy wanted to know if there is a fun way to immediately start talking about sex with a woman. No, he was not asking how to have sex right away. He wanted to know how to create some playful banter and a memorable conversation.

So we went to Longs Drugs and bought Christmas stockings that we filled with candy canes, Pez dispensers and a few draedels for the Jewish women. We then headed out to Beverly Hills where we did an exercise called “Naughty Or Nice.”

In this exercise, you go out with a friend and walk around either on the streets or in a mall (depending on what the weather is like where you live). One of you is Santa and wears a Santa cap. The other one is Santa’s Helper and carries the goody bag.

Then as you walk through the streets or through the mall, you have a smile on your face and you’re playful. Women will start to notice you . . . after all, it’s not every day two grown men are walking around with a Santa cap and a stocking.

When a woman sees you, smile at her and tell her to “come here.” Women are very curious, and most will walk over to you. When one does, the one with the Santa cap will look directly in her eyes and ask her whether she was naughty or nice this year. If she confesses which one she was, she gets a present out of Santa’s Helper’s stocking.

Half of them will say they have been naughty. If a woman says she’s been naughty, then you have to ask her how naughty she has been this year. If a woman says she has been nice, then tell her “Great. I love good girls.”

It’s about being playful and having fun. Women crave conversation starters that are real, natural and something they have really never heard.

Not only that, but doing something like this show that you have a personality and a sense of humor. It also shows that you can be very playful, and being playful is part of any successful flirting.

Women love playful, fun and witty banter. All the guys who used this technique had a blast with it.

The holiday time is a good time to be a little more naughty because everybody wants to hang out with Bad Santa. Oops . . . that’s a Billy Bob movie.

So go to the mall, grab yourself a stocking, and find yourself some naughty or nice girls.