Love is an open doorIf you’ve seen the movie “Frozen” there’s a really cute scene when two of the lead characters, Hans and Anna first meet. They sing a song called, “Love Is An Open Door.”

If you haven’t seen the movie because you hate Disney and feel like Disney ruined your life because their depiction of love and romance isn’t what you ran into as an adult and now you resent them, then it’s time to look a little deeper.

“Love is an open door with you” and “Life can be so much more now” are two key phrases in this song. So, how open are YOU to love? Yes, I know you want it, you crave it, and you desire it. But those are just words. Is love really an open door with you? Are you open to love? When you meet someone new, do you believe he could be right for you, or do you try to avoid getting involved so you don’t risk him hurting you?

Love is only an open door, when you’ve forgiven the past, worked on all your stuff, and made peace with yourself. It’s interesting because I was talking to a friend yesterday who had met a man online. He said he was “looking for love” yet three weeks after starting to date him, my friend saw he still had a live online dating profile.

How Open Was He To Love?

When love is an open door for you, you’re not hiding behind other things. When love is an open door, you’re not still checking out other people’s dating profiles. You’re not afraid to tell someone exactly who you are, and about all the “stuff” you have going on. When love is an open door, you’re not afraid to let special people know why you find it hard to open up and let go with someone.

If you go into a relationship hiding things from the other person, you’re going to find you attract people who are going to hide things from you. Technically, love becomes a revolving door for you. You’ll go from relationship to relationship getting nowhere. It’ll be just like those revolving doors they have in some office buildings and department stores.

Look at your life. Look at the way you date. When you start a relationship with someone, how much do you leave inside? Are you able to open up to people without worrying about judgment?

We think we’re so open to the possibility of love, but in reality, the second we become vulnerable we start creating a story. The story is usually, “I want to be with this person, but I’m just not sure about them. Something isn’t right.”

When love is an open door, you don’t tell yourself any stories. You let things develop naturally, and you have no fear of judgment, without fear of what MIGHT be, and without fear of the sub-conscious thoughts running through your head trying to sabotage everything. When love is an open door, you’re not afraid to say anything because you don’t judge yourself anymore. When you don’t judge yourself you allow love to come out freely. When you allow love to flow freely, you let go, and become who you really are.

The only way someone can truly love you is for you to show them who you are, and when love is an open door, you allow yourself to be seen. The door stops revolving, and you stop the crazy cycle of little failed relationships that only last a few months at a time. Sure, every relationship is about learning something new, and every relationship helps you understand yourself better, but when you present the real you to the world, without and fear or anxiety, your relationships stand a far better chance of success. You’ll start to recognize when you’re dating someone who isn’t as open as you, and you can bail out for someone who will open up. You won’t have to put up with dating men who aren’t emotionally available anymore.

But you have to allow yourself to be an open door to love first. Let the world see the beauty of who you are. Let the world see the beautiful person that’s inside you. Let them see the real you, and the right person will open up to you. It’s time to open yourself to love, otherwise it’ll be the same revolving door relationships time after time, and I know you don’t want that!