If you look at your Instagram account, you’ll see on a regular basis probably some of the same people liking your stuff.

But what does it all mean exactly?

Do they like you, or do they like your picture of a duck crossing the street?

I look at Instagram and Facebook a couple of different ways.

If somebody’s constantly liking your stuff, they’re definitely seeking your attention.

They want you to either reach out to them or follow them.

But if you think about Instagram and Facebook, it’s like one giant grammar school to me.

It’s kind of like when we were back in school.

We would sit there in grammar school, and we’d have a crush on…let’s just say Amy. She was one of my first crushes. And I would stare at her all day in school, and I would literally laugh when she said something. Or I would smile when she said something. I would like her in a way that a little boy likes a little girl.

That is what like Instagram and Facebook is to me. It’s like grammar school.

Instead of making a comment underneath somebody’s photo, or making a comment on something they said, you like it instead. You’re literally telling them, hey, look! I’m going to stay here in the background and I’m going to like your stuff. And maybe you’re going to notice me or maybe not. It’s kind of like we’ve all gone back to grammar school when it comes down to exposing the way we really feel about another person.

Now, we both know that not every person that likes your stuff has a crush on you. But I bet you a good percentage of people do.

And that’s the only way that they’re able to say something, because they really don’t want to just say, hey! Call me. Especially if they’re a woman. Or hey, I like you, or I’m interested in you.

So in turn, we play this grammar school game of flirting on social media sites.

We’ve got this way of trying to get noticed.

And don’t get me wrong. I’ve met people who have liked my stuff on Facebook. I’ve met people who have liked my stuff on Instagram.

And I thoroughly respect them doing that. Because in a way, it brings back a certain amount of innocence into our life.

Now y’all know I’m not like this huge social media person. I believe it’s much better to meet people out and about and actually communicate.

But there’s a certain cute innocence about liking somebody every single day. It’s kind of like looking forward to your crush coming to school. I remember when I had a crush on that girl, Amy.

I couldn’t wait to get to school. She took a different bus than mine, and when I got to school, I remember always seeing her. It was always such a rush at the beginning of the day. I’d find a way to either get her attention or hide from her, depending on how much confidence I had that day.

But there’s an innocent about that. And that’s what I kind of think is silly and kind of cute on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. You’re kind of waiting. You’re interested. They post something, and you post a little like, or a heart, whatever it might be, and hope that your virtual crush actually acknowledges you. Actually says something. Because in reality, it really is no different than grammar school. You know a little bit about their person through their posts, just like you know a little bit about somebody in grammar school because of what people tell you.

You’re too shy to really say something because you don’t want to be rejected, just like in grammar school.

So you do whatever it is to get their attention. And then if they notice and recognize it, you act like a little school girl or school boy when you’re flirting with them. There’s a certain innocence. There’s a certain way that we’ve never grown up, and that’s probably why people are so addicted Instagram and Facebook.

Because there’s an innocence that’s still there. It’s cute. So if you like somebody, like them. Follow them. Get their attention and see what happens. Or be like me. Just contact them and don’t even be afraid.