If all children are born pure (which they are)… what makes certain people turn into narcissists?

What makes certain people turn into criminals?

What makes certain people turn evil?

The answer’s simple: their upbringing.

Dear old Mom and Dad taught them how to have no values.

Dear old Mom and Dad taught them how to embezzle and extort.

Dear old Mom and Dad gave them the poor value system that they have now.

And that’s what’s so sad. I see a lot of people who have kids that shouldn’t have kids.

On the surface, they look like amazing parents.

They do all the right things. They show up to the dance class.

They show up to the PTA meeting.

They show up to soccer practice.

But deep down, they’re not a good person at all.

And their lowlife ways are being passed on to their children. Their children are learning how to lie and manipulate and maneuver life like the parents have.

And that’s what’s sad.

Children come into this world to be pure, to be nice, to be heard, to be seen, and to expand and grow.

Unfortunately, there are so many rotten people who are having children, who are teaching these kids the same bad habits they were taught, the same lack of low morals.

The same lack of low values.

That’s what these children are being taught every single day.

It’s quite sad, and it’s something that I have witnessed over and over again.

So be careful of the lessons that you teach your kids. Be careful of your conduct in life, because your children are always watching.

Your children are constantly watching you. They are constantly learning the way you handle things and situations.

If you’re living a life that’s not full of authenticity and values, you’re creating children who will literally become just another bad version of you. Or, you have the power to stop your habits and really start teaching your children some of those valuable life lessons now.

It’s your choice as a parent.