What would you do? Are you ready to have a relationship?

Do you know all there is to know about romance and seduction?

Do you fully understand what women want, desire and crave when they meet a man?

If you are begining a new relationship or even want to find a girlfriend sometime in the near future, this podcast is for you.

We explore how to secure a girlfriend in today’s podcast and I reveal one dating myth that everyone does wrong.


Take Me You Fabio Freaky Guy

And as far as the winner from yesterdays blog. It was really tough, there was some great responses but I had to go with this one from Alan.

Hey DW… Might sound kinda cheesy, and not believable, but I spent my V-day listening to your “Self-Love Audio”, again! Because I need my mindest (the part of the mindest to love myself) to be ready, even if it means listening to it 15 times!

Valentine’s Day is all about Love.

Alan is practicing, what I feel is one of the most important ways to express love.

Without self love we have no love.

Alan shoot me an email and I will set up your coaching call.