making moneyAs I was driving down Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills I was watching this woman… blonde, fake lips, fake tits pushed all the way out in the middle of the day. She waddled her ass into this Bentley, and I thought to myself, she wanted money, she found a way to get it.  She sucks somebody’s cock a couple of times a week, and now she’s sitting in a Bentley.

She had an action plan.  She’s strong and she went out and did it. Good for her. Every day I meet people tell me they don’t want money.  Are they fucking idiots?  Who doesn’t want money?

Money is great. Money is fun. You like staying in Motel Six because they leave a light on for you?

You like using towels that feel like they’re exfoliating your skin?


“Wouldn’t you rather stay in a Four Seasons, where you can sleep in a big bed, with big pillows, a fluffy comforter, room service, and turn-down service?” I ask.

“Nah,” they reply, “I’d much rather be broke, living in a Motel Six. I don’t mind vacationing by the side of the freeway. Laying in the sun, listening to the sound of trucks driving by sounds like a good fucking vacation to me.”

I don’t understand it.

Here are 3 ways you bring more money into your life now, and for the rest of your life:

 1. You Have The Power

In an unlimited world why would you choose to limit yourself? You have the unlimited power: The Power of the Mind. Why do you tell yourself you don’t want money? Is it because you thinking you can’t have it?

Would you rather be driving a 14 year-old Nissan Maxima, with 300,000 miles, once owned by a gang banger, with a mufflers that make all obscene noises?

Or… would you rather be driving a Bentley or a BMW Seven Series.

2. Make a Plan

It’s possible for you to have all the things you want. Part of it is planning. If you want a series seven you’ll need to invest your money properly save up, look for deals. It’s hard work, which is another reason why I think so many people lie to themselves.

Earning money isn’t easy, unless you’re born with a trust fund. Unfortunately, most of us have to earn our keep in this world. It takes time to amass even a little bit of money. But in my experience those who are willing to make earning money a priority generally see a return on their investment.

When I meet people who don’t want money I think to myself, they don’t believe that they can make money. Money has no boundaries. Money is just energy. Money doesn’t decide who’s going to make it and who’s not.  Money doesn’t wake up in the morning and think to himself yeah, I’m only going to give it to that guy in the corner, but I’m not going to give it to those three idiots sitting there.

It’s your whole belief system. In a world that’s set up to have everything you why would you put such limiting beliefs on yourself?

Money is fucking great.

Have you ever flown business class?  Let me tell you something, it’s far better than being in back of the sardine can with everybody else blowing their nose all over you, farting as they walk by you, and fucking sitting there in a miserable seat. Money is great. You can have a great relationship with money. You can love it and it will love you back. Together you can have fun. You can party. You can hang out.

But you’ve got to treat it right or it will disappear.

3. Money Is Not The Enemy

Money puts you in nice clothes. Money buys you healthier food. Money can take you wherever you want to go in the world. Our society often portrays people with money as the enemy. People with money are portrayed as show offs parading their wealth around, purposely making those with less money feel bad about themselves.

At the same time we’re encouraged to make as much money as we can before we die. I’m not suggesting you make as much money as you can. You should only make as much money as you want. What are your tangible dreams? I don’t care who you are we all want something. You’re not immoral for wanting it, either.

Denying yourself because you don’t have money is a negative outlook on life; instead focus on how you’re going to get it. Where can you cut back? Where can you work more? Where can you invest more? What can you do to make your dream come true?

Anybody can make money. Anybody can be successful, you just have to work for it.