I’m noticing something lately – it’s becoming really apparent that women have forgotten how to talk. I never thought that would happen.

When I was growing up, my Grandma Rose was such a talker.

From the second I saw her to the second I left, the woman’s lips were moving so fast, I didn’t think they’d ever stop. My grandmother could out talk anybody.

She could out talk the fastest runner, she could out talk the fastest swimmer, she could talk faster than birds fly south for the winter.

May she rest in peace, I loved her to death. She really taught me how to listen to a woman. I had no choice. See, my grandmother wouldn’t stop talking and no one else would listen to her except me. And that’s why she loved me so. So Grandma Rose, you taught me how to listen. The problem is, you didn’t teach me how to read so much text.

Like, Swipe, Text

I cannot believe in today’s world, we’ve become a society of people that would rather like, swipe, text rather than talk.

The amount of times I’m speaking to a woman – speaking, I’m using that as a rough word – and she’s texting in massive quantities of books.

texting dateWhy are we not on the phone? Why are we not having a conversation? Why are we not hanging out? Why are we texting one another at 11:00 at night for an hour and a half when we could easily just get on the phone. And don’t even get me started on what I think is the end of our social life.

The amount of times that I see people out and about texting, swiping, and typing, instead of talking to the real human beings that are around them.

We have become a society of people that have taken the easy way out.

Anybody can look at a text conversation and take some time to come up with a witty response. That’s why I think women that date via apps and online are making a grave mistake. Because a guy that is not really clever, not really witty, can easily send your texts to one of his friends.

Send your emails to one of his friends. Have them literally write him a witty response to come back at you with it.

That’s why so many times you go out on a date with a texter, swiper or typer and you don’t feel the same thing. It’s because he’s not witty but yet so many of us have taken this texting, swiping, and typing to whole new levels. We’d rather do this than actually talk.

What Happened to Chemistry?

I’ve said it for years, chemistry is in the voice. Chemistry is face to face, chemistry is all about when we have a conversation and we connect with somebody. So try to make a new rule moving forward. Start having at least 20% to 30% of social encounters, face to face encounters. Like the old days, you know, back in the early days.

When we were still floating with one another. I think it’s time we started talking. Have a witty conversation. First, pick up the phone when you’re texting somebody and actually have a conversation to see whether or not they’re really that witty, and if you connect with their voice. Stop spending so much time in front of a screen, and spend more time in front of another human being.