I want to know youWhen I got home tonight, I looked at the movies on TV and found a movie called, “Aloha.”

I think it must have been in theatres for about 30 seconds. It’s a Cameron Crowe movie, starring Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams.

The movie itself was mediocre, and as with most Cameron Crowe movies, it didn’t really go anywhere. It didn’t make a huge amount of sense either, but the end of the movie really got to me.

It’s a great scene where Bradley Cooper’s character goes up to one of the love interests in the movie and tells her he loves her. He says, “I want to know everything about you. I want to know what your favorite cereal was growing up, I want to know what kind of shoes you like, I want to know every little detail.”

I thought about what a beautiful feeling that is. That feeling when you meet someone and you know you’re falling in love. All you want to do is know everything about them. You want to know what they were like as a kid, and what they were like growing up. You want to see old photos and hear old stories.

It’s such an incredible moment when two people fall in love. The exploration of each other’s pasts. It made me all warm and tingly inside. These little romantic movies are always my favorites. I love to feel something when I watch a movie so I really enjoyed this.

That scene made me realize how beautiful it is when two people fall in love. It’s beautiful as those walls begin to come down and you start to look deeply into the other person’s soul to see what they’re all about.

In that moment, we drop all the stories. We don’t care. We’re at our most vulnerable. When we tell somebody we want to know everything about them, we’re telling them how raw and open and vulnerable we are. We’re not thinking about anything but who that person is. It’s so beautiful. It’s why we’re all here. We’re all here to fall in love. We’re all here to meet each other. We’re all here to connect on that deep amazing level.

There’s another scene when Bradley Cooper’s character watches his daughter dance. He found out it was his daughter in the movie. When they looked at each other, and acknowledged it, it brought tears to my eyes. I’m not a big crier.

But that was so beautiful. It’s that same moment that I have every time I see my girl. Every time I see my little girl, I realize here’s my daughter. These are the memories that I’m sharing with her. I share these moments with her. One day, she’ll be 13 and in a dance class, and I’ll be able to watch her and communicate on a deeper level. Sometimes it’s just eyes meeting eyes, hearts meeting hearts, and souls meeting souls.

These little moments in life are so beautiful, magical, and powerful. Love is why we’re all here. Love is why we’re all on this planet. Love is all that we all desire.