I want to be loved. I’m posting this in the women’s blog because I just want to be loved. Whenever I drive, I think, I feel, I process, and all I’ve been thinking about lately is how I want to be loved.

I have a lot of love in my life. Don’t get me wrong. But I don’t have the love of a woman that I desire. A beautiful love, and a feeling of being safe. That special feeling of connecting on a deep level with another human being.

Making love to someone and looking deep into their eyes and knowing that they see you.  They see the most vulnerable, raw, open you. Being able to exchange energy like that, and being able to just let go. Being able to communicate fears, anger, and frustration. Being able to be imperfect.

I’m not perfect, and I don’t want to ever be perfect. I desire love in my life. Being able to lay on a sofa and watch a movie, while getting lost in each other. Caressing and holding each other.

Being able to lay in bed and spoon, kiss before going to sleep, waking up and feeling love next to me. I know the nights that my daughter sleeps over, I fall asleep with her and I feel love, and it feels so beautiful. When I put her to sleep at night; she’s laying next to me in bed.  I lay next to her and hold her hand or I rub her back.  watch her fall asleep. I go into this love cocoon, this beautiful cocoon of love that is really why we’re on this planet.

I want that love with a woman. I desire that love. I’m ready for that love. I deserve that love, because I love myself that way.  I’ve spent so much time the last few years alone in my house, in my cave, giving myself as much love as I possibly can. Because I truly desire a very deep, loving, open relationship.

No Interest In Dating

I have no interest in dating. I haven’t had an interest in dating in a long time. I know you need to date in order to find love.

But I believe that if I put it out there, the universe is going to give it to me. That’s why I’m writing this right now for all of you to read, for all of you to take in, for all of you to listen to.

I think all of you should do the same.  I think all of you should write a love letter to the future person you haven’t met yet, telling him that you’re ready for love.  Telling him that you’re ready for all of the beautiful things you’ll experience together. I’d like you to carry that beautiful love letter around with you every day.  It’s probably more powerful if you actually print it out.

Carry that around with you so it’s in your consciousness the whole day until you believe it. If you actually write all this stuff down and you look it and talk about it, somebody is going to bite. It’s the law of attraction. Somebody is going to feel it. Somebody is going to want to be with you. Somebody is going to see the beauty in you.

Just say it along with me out loud right now.

“I want to be loved. I deserve to be loved. I desire to be loved, and I am going to be loved.”

Together, we’re going to go on this journey. I love you all!