I have a confession today that’s going to blow some of you away…

Something that you don’t know about me…

Something that I believe all men should do…

Something that will make you think, “Huh, David Wygant does it, maybe I should too…”

First, let me ask you something:

How do you like it when you’re dating a woman and she’s got hair everywhere?  I’m talking about hair poking out of all kind of crazy different places.

I’m sure you don’t really like that.

We expect them to be well-shaven, groomed, with Brazilian waxes and all that other great stuff.

Well let me tell you something, you need to return the favor.

You need to man-scape, bro.

I usually man-scape with a mix of razors and a hair trimmer. But recently, I’ve been using a Philips Norelco BodyGroom—it’s kind of cool.

You can trim your chest hair so they no longer poke out of your shirt.  (Which by the way, is the number one thing that women think is absolutely repulsive on men.)

So I’ve been using this fun little device.  You can fully shave yourself if you want, you can use it in the shower.  It really looks and feels like an electric shaver for your entire body.

You can do your sideburns as it adjusts to different lengths.  You can shave the hair on your balls….

…wait, you do shave your balls right? (I hope so. But we’ll get into that another time.)

So that’s my confession today.  I bodygroom.  Been doing it a long time.  I do it because I think that it’s really respectable and considerate.

Why does a woman want to date a gorilla when she can date someone smooth?  I’m never going to fully shave my body, I’m a man, I have hair—I should have hair.

But I’m going to make sure my hair is groomed and looking good, and I’m glad I picked up this really cool device, because it’s a lot better than using that razor.

So that’s my little tip for the day. A little hair tip.