I go out a lot. I go to parties, restaurants, malls, and all kinds of events. It’s so hard to find people who will actually hold your gaze. It’s hard to find people who will look into your eyes, and make you feel like they’re connecting with you when you’re talking to them.

Attraction and connection is all about the art of eye contact, and my friend Melanie joins me in the video below to demonstrate. I met Melanie in a really cool intimacy workshop. It wasn’t about sex. It was about eye contact and body language. I did the workshop a couple of times, because I thought it was important to be able to understand eye contact and to learn about the fears people have.

Once in a while, I’ll go to a seminar so I can learn new things and new techniques, that I can then teach all of you.
My friend Melanie is awesome. She works for eHarmony. She’s a coach for them. She’s really good at intimacy and getting men and women to open up and connect on a deeper level. She’s a therapist as well. So today, we’re going to talk about how to use eye contact when meeting women.

Before watching this, I want you to think to yourself, “How often do I use eye contact now?”

Are you good? Are you able to open up? Are you able to look deep into somebody? When you’re on a date, what’s your eye contact like? Are you able to look into someone’s eyes and get a feel for who they are?

Or do you look down a lot?

Eye contact and body language is so important, because 85% of what you say, is said non-verbally. It leaves somebody with a feeling after you’ve met them. Most the time it doesn’t matter what you say when you’re meeting women. It’s more important how you present yourself. It’s about your body language and your eye contact.

Melanie came over to my house one night, and we did a bunch of videos, giving you the opportunity to learn not only from myself, but from someone that I truly admire as a person and as a coach. So check it out, and as always, please pass the video along to let other people learn from this.