Do you want to know how to unlock the beautiful, feminine, sexual being that you are?

Do you want to unlock the power that will make men swoon?

Do you want to be in control of whom you attract into your life?

I’m going to share an exercise that I’ve talked about before that I want all of you to do.  It’s one of the best exercises in the world.  I’ll give you a little background:

As men and women, we really are very primal.  A man wants to feel like he’s the King; he wants to feel like he’s the king of the cave; he wants to feel like he’s the caveman bring home the food.  He wants his woman to adore him.

I’m not talking about being a pushover or anything.  I’m just saying that if you adore the man, and he’ll adore you back.  Because deep down, no matter how successful you might be as a woman, you still want to feel like a princess.  You still want to feel like a queen.  You want to be protected.

The only way to do that is to really unlock your pure primal sexual being.  If you unlock your pure primal sexual being, a man awakens.  He feels alert.  He feels alive.  And he’s intrigued.

A lot of women have trouble doing this because they’re so busy in the work world, fighting with men, battling with men, earning the money and so forth, that they never unlock it.  Plus, they’re afraid due to their own programming—mainly programming from their past, the programming that they had growing up.  Parents telling them not to let their sexual energy out—‘you’ll be a slut’—whatever it might be.  So what happens is most women don’t unlock their true sexual being.  And that’s where everything goes wrong.

So here’s what I want you to do: the next time you see a man that you’re attracted to, instead of doing the usual—waiting for him to approach, or maybe doing the coy smile or looking down at the ground and doing nothing—I want you to unlock that feminine goddess sexual being.

I want you to look at him and I want you to imagine that you can give him the best damn blowjob he’s ever had in his entire life. You can even picture a blowjob that you gave to a guy that brought him down to his knees.  I want you to realize that you can take this man and bring him down to his knees instantly.  I want you to look at him as you’re picturing that.

What happens is that you’re going to smile.  You might even blush.  You might start laughing.  And he’s going to look at you and he’s going to feel that.  It’s a primal thing.

He’s going to wonder what you’re thinking.  And he’s going to immediately feel attracted to you because you’re different than any other woman.  You’re a mystery.  There’s intrigue.  He wants to find out what you’re thinking.  The gutsy guy may ask you and you can just tell him you’re having a good day, with a smile.

The bottom line is by unlocking that true sexual goddess inside, you’re going to be able to really attract more men in your life than ever before.  But more importantly, you’re going to start to have the sexual experiences that you deserve.  You’re going to become that sexual being that you deserve.  And you’re finally going to understand how to really pull over some really good men, because it’s about being primal.

Tarzan still wanted Jane, but Jane knew how to unlock the beast in Tarzan.  But the modern woman doesn’t.  It’s time for you to get visual.  It’s time for you to start imagining.  And it’s time for you to unlock that thing, that very primal thing, and watch the results fly in.

Every client I’ve ever done this with has been immensely successful and they’ve met men that they have never met before.

It’s your turn.