are you with the oneWe’re all looking for the one.

The one person that we’ve never met before, the one person that gets us, the one person that’s going to love us, the one person that’s going to be there for us, support us, love us and our dreams.

A really wonderful person in my life told me recently:

If you truly love somebody, you’re going to allow them to live their dreams.

Even if their dreams don’t match yours.

To me, it doesn’t make any sense, because picking the right person means you’re picking somebody who has the same dreams and wants the same major things.

Let’s take family for instance.  We’ve all got a different version of family.

Some of us want to live with multiple children in the suburbs and drive minivans.

Some of us want to go to PTA meetings.  Some of us want to go and see our kid play ball every single weekend.

It sounds wonderful to me; I’ve got a beautiful daughter, and that to me sounds fucking fantastic.

But some of you are looking and going, whoa.  You’d sell your soul to go live in the suburbs, man.  You’re going to miss the excitement of the city.  That’s not my style at all.  If I had a kid, I would much rather live in the city, and show my kid all the things, all the beauty that the city has and everything.

I really love traveling to great cities and walking around.  I prefer it over a beach vacation.  I tend to go a little loopy when I’m sitting at a beach for a week.  I like it, but it gets a little boring.  How much pool time do I need to do with my child before I start to get really antsy?

I prefer cities, walking around, seeing culture, meeting and talking to people.  Once again, some people think, ugh, that is awful.  Some people would rather sit at a pool and drink pina coladas like Trader Vic.

In the city, we all have really different versions of what resonates with us.  We have all different versions on what our viewpoint is and what our vision is.  A good friend of my recently manifested somebody into their life.  It was exactly what they were looking for.  They were aligned family wise; they were aligned in so many ways, and I thought it was a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of.

The only you’re going to be able to tell if you’ve met somebody who’s the one, is if your dreams on the big topics match their dreams.  Both of you can compromise over vacations: Take a city trip one time, and a beach one the next time.  You can’t compromise on family.

You can’t really compromise on the lifestyle of where you want to live.

You can’t compromise on lots of things, like how you want to be loved and adored, and how you want to be taken care of.

That’s what life is all about.  Today’s video goes deeper into this topic.