At every single boot camp, no matter what we go over, there’ll always be the guy at the end of the boot camp who will want to see one more street approach.  I show men how you can meet women in Starbucks. At Whole Foods.  In Stores. At the Gym. There’s always the guy that just is infatuated with a woman who’s on the street. As a matter of fact, every single day I get an e-mail from guys saying, “I saw this woman on the street, she’s jogging.”

“I saw this woman on the street today, she was walking towards me super fast.”

Always followed with, “How do I stop her?”

First off, let’s go through the mindset of her life. You’re running to an appointment, you’re five minutes late. You’re walking down the street, just quickly walking as fast as you can because you don’t want to be late. Do you really want a stranger stopping you and giving you idle chitchat while your mind is on something else?

You’re about to meet some friends, your walking fast to get somewhere. When all of a sudden a stranger stops you and small talks you to death with the most boring conversation ever, is that what you want?

I can list many different scenarios but the bottom line is:

Most people when they’re walking on the street are walking to a meeting, to an appointment, to get somewhere. And they don’t want to be bothered by idle, small chit chat. And that’s what a lot of guys do, they small talk a woman to death. That’s the reason women want to run. Now if you’ve got mad conversation skills and you’ve really worked on yourself. You’ll start realizing that talking to girls on the street is a pretty simple thing.

You start looking for the signs of them taking their time. For instance, a woman is walking on the street, she’s texting, you can easily say to her:

“You know isn’t there a law about texting and walking” — with a smile.

Or a woman may be waiting a stoplight, you can look at her and say “I’ll race you across the street.”

She may be window shopping and taking a look and through your power of observation you’re able to look at her and say:

“If you can buy anything in the store what would it be and why?”

It’s not impossible to talk to girls on the street, you just have to learn how to be observant. And know how to say the right things at the right moment. But the problem is, a lot of guys want to be human stop signs. They want to stand on the street corner with their hand up and go “stop! I want to meet you, you’re hot, please stop! I want to talk to you.”

That’s not how it’s done. There are many opportunities but you have to know when the right time is, just like everything in life. There’s a right and wrong time to do things.  You’ve got to be aware of people, and what they’re doing.  You don’t want to be the idiot that’s made them late for a very important job interview because you small-talked them to death.

You want her to feel comfortable, memorable.  So today’s video explores when and how to meet women on the street. There’s a quick tip in today’s video that will help you know the best time, the right time. And give you an opener that’s non-threatening. One she will actually enjoy responding to.