meet women in grocery storesHere’s a quick tip for any of you guys hitting the grocery stores this weekend. If you want to meet a woman but don’t know how to open her, listen up. I’m about to give you one of the best grocery store openers around, and it gets you into a conversation without looking like a creep. Do you realize the grocery stores of America run on the honor system?

Let’s talk about this for a second. How many times have you gone to the grocery store and started nibbling or drinking? You got hungry so you had a little snack as you cruised the aisles?

Now let’s be even more honest. How many times did you throw away the bag of crackers you were eating? How many times did you throw away the bottle of soda you drank without paying for it?

What about the SKU? You know all those free food bins every supermarket has?

They have the nuts, rice, and all that other stuff you scoop into a little plastic bag. You tie a little bow round it, and write down the SKU number so the register person can check you out.  How many times have you underestimated what was in the bag?

Come on now. I’m not going to report you to the police or anything like that. Now, here’s what you do when you see a woman. It’s the ultimate flirt, and the easiest way to start a conversation. The next time you see a woman in the supermarket, and she’s walking around eating pretzels or something, bust her about it. You say, “You couldn’t wait till you go home?” Or, “Can I have some of that food you’re stealing?”

The next time you see her in the SKU bins, and you see she’s grazing, look at her and say, “Uh oh, I’m going to get you on that scale so you can pay for that one nut you ate just now!”

It’s about having fun. It’s about making women smile. It’s about using every day circumstances and turning them into something interesting. You don’t need a huge clever pick up line. You never have. Do you think a woman is going to respond to you if you walk up to her in a grocery store and say something like, “Wow, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” or some other stupid line?

Women just don’t respond to that stuff. Don’t drive yourself crazy looking for the perfect thing to say. Relax and have fun. Simple, quirky observations are enough to break the ice, and start a connection without the drama and without the hassle.   It’s EASY!