How to Show Her You Are Interested By David Wygant

So you are having a good conversation with a woman. How do you escalate the energy a little bit and let her know that you are interested in her? And how do you do this without taking to long and seeming needy and supplicating?

It’s all about the delivery. You have to ask from a position of self-respect and authority. “Hey, I really want to see you again? Can we talk?” – this doesn’t come across powerfully – and it’s never going to happen. Instead: “Hey, you know what? I want to see you again. Let’s meet up…” and give her some dates – it is all in the delivery.

It could be the worst line in the world – “Oh, I really love you right now!” – you could even say that, and if you come from a genuine, self-respecting position of authority, it will work. She can see that you want her, but you don’t really need her – you chose her. Out of all the girls that you know, she is the one right now that you care about.

It’s all about the delivery – and they know it too! You can see when I walk over to a woman, I walk directly to her without hesitating – needy guys hesitate all of the time, because they are nervous. They walk over very tenuously – and their body language is screaming “I am terrified to approach you” and “I need you more than you need me” and “I hope you like me!”

When I walk over to a woman, I don’t hesitate. It’s an instantaneous thing: I look at a woman, I see what she is doing, I trigger off in my brain “oh what can I talk to her about? Oh, she’s got a dog – I’ll go and talk to her dog,”

Remember – when you talk to a woman with her dog, you don’t just go and say, “nice dog,” you get down on the ground and you say, “oh your dog is so cute, what’s your dog’s name?” with authority, and you play with the dog.

Then you look up at her, which is a very subliminally sexy thing – it’s almost like you’re on your hands and knees asking her to get married and you don’t even know her yet – it’s a very romantic thing. You look up and you look directly into her eyes – a strong, un-needy man will look directly into her eyes and claim her.

So you look at her and say, “what is your dog’s name?” She says, “her name is Fifi.” Immediately you come back strongly, “what made you name your dog Fifi?” – fast with your responses. Your tone of voice should be very strong and powerful. She answers, “oh, because I thought it was a cute name,” and you can talk about what a crazy name that is, and thank god that you’re not named Fifi, and so on.

Keep it going, and everything is done WITHOUT THINKING – that’s the whole key here. Needy guys don’t listen. Powerful men listen to everything because they know that information is key. If you’re needy, you’re not listening. One of the key indicators that a guy is needy is that he is not listening to what a woman is saying – he’s thinking about how he can ask her out and get her to like him.

Think for a second here – the next time you are with a woman, listen to EVERY WORD SHE SAYS – hang on every word, challenge her and use the voice tone of strength. It’s all in the power of your voice.