Have you ever had phone sex?

Have you ever texted naughty thoughts to a man?

Today I go over how to properly text and sext a man with your iPhone/Android or any other Smartphone.

You know, it’s funny. In today’s modern society, so many people text naughty messages throughout the day.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think texting naughty messages throughout the day is fun, playful, and really helpful.

It certainly beats the old version of calling somebody up at their office and breathing deeply in the phone and telling them you’re thinking about them. And sounding creepy. They say we’re able to do a lot more things with our phone nowadays. I’ll say. Our phone has literally become a foreplay device.

People use their iPhone as foreplay.text_message

And I think that’s beneficial to relationships.

I’ve dated women that are horrible at texting and equally horrible at seducing via text. But the thing is, if you’re able to text a man random naughty thoughts throughout the day…

If you’re able to do that you’ll keep the man hooked. It’s one of the best ways to keep a man hooked to have in your arsenal. Yet so many women are not good at it.

Today, I’m going to talk about the do’s and the don’ts of how to text and sext a man with your iPhone. Or any type of phone.

I’m going to go over specifically what works and what doesn’t work, and I’m going to talk about something that people are doing a little too much.

You’re going to laugh when you hear it, and I’m sure you’ve probably done it.

I’ll give you a little spoiler alert:

It’s about a client who was dating a guy. They started sexting each other one night on the phone.

They started masturbating, phone in one hand and vibrator – with a greased up hand — in the other.

And they proceeded to text each other naughty messages to get each other off.

I was able to read the entire sext conversation.

It went on for like 20 minutes.

And the whole time I realized that both of them had an iPhone. So I looked at her and I said, “Why didn’t you SexTime?”

She said, “What’s SexTime?”

I said, “That’s using FaceTime to watch each other masturbate (one of the sexiest things to do). It’s literally watching each other masturbate. Watching each other get off. It’s a beautiful, natural thing to do. Plus it gives you an idea of how someone likes to be touched so you’re able to use those skills that you’ve learned.”

I said, “It’s much hotter. It gives you a visual that’s far sexier that just words on a screen.”

But we spend so much time in today’s society texting instead of talking.

We spend so much time texting each other that we forget we can actually pick up the phone. We forget we can FaceTime. We forget about Skype and so many other amazing things.

Watch today’s video. Send it to your friends.

As it goes through the do’s and the don’ts of how to text and sext a man with your phone, it talks about how to really turn him on so he’s craving and desiring you like never before.

Enjoy it.