“The are no attractive single women out there.” “No women want to stop and talk in the street.” “What’s the point in talking to a woman if you’re not going to date her.” “I’m shy. I couldn’t just walk up to a woman on the street.” “What if she laughs at me?”

I could go on but I won’t. These are just a handful of the excuses I hear about why you can’t meet women in the street. Some of you are still dealing with approach anxiety, and that’s fine. Keep working through it, but realize one of the quickest cures is practice. The more you go and talk to people the sooner you’ll stop feeling nervous around girls.

Others say there’s no point in stopping women because they’re all taken, or only want hot celebrities. Stop worrying about the outcome. Will every woman you meet want to date you? No. Will every woman you stop in the street want to talk to you? No. But as me and John show you in this video, women are far more open to talk than you think.

They won’t slap you in the face if you ask them to stop and talk. You won’t get their number every time, but so what? You’ll start getting familiar with people in your area, and THAT’S how connections are made. Make friends. Get to know people. Who knows who their friends are. Who knows what parties you’ll be invited to. Start looking at the big picture and stop worrying about the outcome.

Enjoy the video!