meet women bathroom david wygantWhy do men feel so strange amongst other men when in a public bathroom?

We’ve all got the same equipment.

Some of us are a little more hairy than others.

Some fatter, some skinnier.

But we’ve all got the same bodies.

Not much to really look at, really; just a dangling dick with two balls.

Think about that.

So why are men so terrified of making eye contact when in the bathroom?

It’s the biggest fear men have.

Every man that can’t even say what’s up to another fellow man in a bathroom must be homophobic.

And I must say, these men have got it all wrong.

I’m friendly as hell in the bathroom. No one ever thought I was homo in the bathroom because I’m not homophobic in life and if I was talking to a gay dude in the bathroom, I could care less—he’s just another dude I’m conversing with.

I was at the gym one day, in the locker room. Most of the guys were quiet as a mouse, not speaking to one another; everybody looking absolutely terrified.

I was standing next to a guy. He was butt naked shaving. I made a comment. Not about his butt or about being naked, but about something basic, like the type of shaving cream he was using, or the Jets.

We shot the shit for a while, as we were both shaving. And then when done, he told me his name was Jim, said good-bye and left.

About two weeks later, I went out one night and there he was with a group of women. I walk over like, “Hey, it’s my shaving buddy. What’s going on?”

He starts cracking up and introduces me to the group. I sat down with the whole group of them and spent the rest of the night talking to him and about five great looking women.

At the end of the night, I had my choice of which woman to go out with and I chose the cutest one. Jim was apparently stuck in the friend zone (as I found out later on), and I took advantage.

Here I was going out with this absolutely beautiful woman I never would’ve met if I was in the homophobic zone that most men inhabit in public restrooms.

So the next time you’re naked amongst a group of men, stop being so strange about it. When we were little boys we weren’t strange about it.

Greet your fellow men in a public restroom. Shoot the shit with them.

Because you never know when you’re going to run back into them again. It’s part of the social network.

As I always tell you guys all the time, life is about networking.

The more you network, then the bigger your network, the more dates you have.

Now, poor Jim from the gym and his friend zone scenario we’ll talk about another day…