How many times have you seen a beautiful woman in line at the coffee shop?

You always think, “What do I say to get her attention?”

Coffee shops are one of my favorite places to open women.

And let me tell you, I’ve made every mistake in the book. I used to hang out in coffee shops here in LA hoping to be “discovered”. And while I was there I would open women all the time.

So here’s something that I’ve found that works, all the time.

The next time you see a woman in line at the coffee shop, pretend you’ve never been there before.

That’s right; pretend you’ve never been to that coffee shop before.  I don’t even care if it’s a Starbucks—just act dumb.

While she’s in line and you’re standing next to her, look at her and say, “I’ve never been here before, what’s good?”

The reason why this works is because you get an opinion. When you get an opinion she gives you information.  And when you have information you’re able to then talk to her based on what she tells you.

So yea, play dumb.

Every great conversation starts with an opener. But the guy who gets the phone number is the guy that knows how to take the information that she gives and use that information to create attraction.

From there, as long as you have any kind of social skills, you should be able to have an interesting, fun, conversation that will give her an idea of what kind of guy you are.

In that short little convo you can give her a reason to want to talk to you again.

But it begins with opening your mouth.

So let’s begin.