This is in follow up to my recent blog about women hunters. Most women are very passive waiters, meaning that they always sit back and wait for men to approach them.

Think about the moment when you see “that guy” — that confident, good-looking guy — who walks over to you and says something really cute and clever. Maybe you were in Starbucks looking for something to eat, and you were indecisive about whether you wanted a muffin or a scone.

He reads your mind and he read the moment, so he looks at you and says, “Indecisive today? If you could have anything in that case, which one would it be?” Okay, it’s something a bit stupid, cheesy, and funny . . . but something in the moment. It is kind of like what I teach men to do — to just be really present.

I always tell men to walk over and allow a woman to have a moment like this that she so desires. If the world was a perfect place then every man would embrace all of my teachings, become very natural, and allow the woman to experience that magic moment she craves.

The man, because he is able to create that moment, will then become satisfied because I truly believe that all men need to have that feeling of conquest. They like to have that feeling of conquest. They like to feel like they selected that woman.

They like to feel like they selected her, and she fell for all of the things he said. He said all of the right things at the right time, and they have this instant attraction.

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So in a perfect world men would be doing this every single day, women would be falling for it every single day, and people would be falling in love. People would have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and they would really start to see how easy life can be.

Since this is not a perfect world, however, why not try reversing the roles a bit if you are a woman? Why don’t you become a hunter, so you don’t get the guys you’re not attracted to anymore, i.e., the passive guys?

The guys you are really looking for are the ones you need to select. When a woman decides to be a hunter, there are a lot of different ways to do it — and I know all the guys appreciate this.

Guys appreciate it when a woman becomes a hunter in any way. Maybe a woman walks over to you in that coffee shop and helps you in that magic moment. Maybe a woman makes a comment on something or asks you for your opinion. Maybe a woman cracks a joke about what you have on the conveyor belt at the supermarket, and she challenges you to bring out the hunter in you — to bring out your confident side.

I used to love meeting a female hunter when I was single. It made my job a lot easier. It was also a lot more fun, because it felt like I was meeting somebody who was playful, enjoyed life, and who was not living a life full of fear and excuses.

So when you’re out and about, try being the female hunter. Smile and bait the man a little bit. Walk by, look at him him again, smile again, and bait him a little bit.

Do this, and maybe you will start meeting a different type of man. Actually, not maybe — I know you will meet a different kind of man.

Just start saying hello to guys. Make it that easy. Then maybe make a comment here and there.

Start becoming the female hunter, and you will finally be satisfied in dating because you will start meeting the guys you really want to meet. You can pull any guy out that way. Men are just looking for a little hint — a little validation — that you are interested.

Also, just wait until you check out the sex with this new kind of man you will be meeting. When you have sex with someone you actually hunted, the passion is going to be ten times that which you have experienced in the past.