James Bond. 
Think about James Bond for a second.

What is it about him that really turns women on?

Because, if you think about it, James Bond is a prick. And I’m going to tell you why.

James Bond will make a woman scream in orgasmic pleasure, he will destroy her physically and emotionally, and then this cocky bastard will walk out literally five minutes later.

A woman will sit there in bed looking at him wondering, “James, do you really need to leave right now?”

He’ll look at her and with his little British accent go, “I’ll be back, baby.”

The next time he sees this woman she’s on a boat floating in the middle of the Pacific. He flies down from his helicopter and rescues her, like it’s nothing. How she got on this boat in the Pacific doesn’t matter.

James Bond is a prick. He sleeps with too many women, he drinks too much.

He is a man that woman just can’t rely on because after they’ve made themselves vulnerable to him in a thousand different ways he simply vanishes.

Yet, every woman in the world would drop for James Bond.

George Clooney was one of the greatest bachelors of all time. Before he got married, Clooney was an absolute womanizer: every year he was seen with a new woman 20 years his junior.

It’s like these women just can’t help themselves. If you think about it, every woman over the age of 40 would always say:

“I can’t stand George Clooney, he only dates younger women.” But, every single one of them would have dropped their pants, dropped their souls to have that opportunity with him.

They see that Clooney is a womanizer, they see how James Bond is, and it bothers them. But still, they’d line up for a chance with either of these guys.

And the list goes on and on.

Women constantly trash Tom Brady because he had a kid with another woman. Yet, they sit there and watch the Patriots games and dream about what being with Tom Brady might be like.

So what do these men have in common? It’s real simple. It’s this magical word that my little Jewish grandmother had.

You see, Grandma Rose, she was this little 5’1″ blonde — well bleached blonde– hay haired woman of a woman.

She used this word that every single Jewish grandmother knows, and every woman is attracted to it.

You know what that word is?

It’s chutzpa.

These guys all have chutzpa or moxie or stamina or charisma or whatever; there’s a million different words for it. And when you have chutzpa or stamina or charisma, it really doesn’t matter what you look like.

Take David Spade. David Spade is one of the biggest studs in all of Hollywood, all 5’1″ of him, 110 pounds dripping wet. He has bedded more beautiful women than anyone and they’d follow him to the end of the world because David Spade has chutzpa. He knows who he is. That’s all.

The only thing stopping you from having women follow you to the end of time, the only thing separating you from David F#@king Spade, is you.

Not anybody else.

You see, I can teach you and show you things and give you all the advice in the world. But, if you don’t believe in it, if you don’t have chutzpa, you’re never going to go out and meet these women.

So, how do you get chutzpa? It’s real easy. Every single day, you do one thing that you would never, ever do otherwise. 


Maybe it’s walking over to a woman, looking at her and just saying, “Hey, I really wanted to meet you, but I really suck at meeting women and I just wanted to meet you.” You tell her the ugly, imperfect truth, man. Because, a man with chutzpah speaks the truth. Every. Single. Day.

Maybe you want to make more money but you just haven’t figured it out yet.

You want a better position at your company. You know what a man with chutzpah does? He doesn’t sit there in his fucking cubicle all day long, scratching his balls, looking at Internet porn, or liking things on Facebook. He walks into his boss’s office and looks at him directly in his eyes because he’s got chutzpah.

And you know what he says to his boss?

“I want a bigger role in this company. How can I grow? Please give me more things to do because I want to show you that I want to make more money.” 
It’s chutzpah, everything about it. Donald Trump, look at that motherf#@ker, man. He’s running a chutzpah campaign.

He’s a racist and the things he says are just idiotic, but he’s running on chutzpah right now. And it’s working.

Every day you do something daring. You want to lose weight? Don’t tell people that you moved to Minnesota and you put on weight.

Go out there every single day and do something to lose weight. Go to the f#@king gym, get on the treadmill, put on a motivational CD, dictate something on the treadmill. Do your work when you’re on the treadmill or riding a bike for an hour. It’s called multitasking; it’s called chutzpah.

It’s called pushing yourself out of your comfort zone every single day.

You want to change? You want chutzpah? You want to unlock your inner Brady?

Inner Clooney?

You want to become James F#@king Bond? Push yourself every day to do something, one thing every single day that you’ve never done before, and you’ll realize that you survived.

Do you think that before Bond flies out the window, bullets flying everywhere, he thinks to himself:

Jeez, I really shouldn’t jump out this window right now, there’s bullet’s all over the place, I’m probably going to die.

Well, you know what, if he thought that way he would die. Because when the only things you’re focused on are negative outcomes, if you get too wrapped up in your own head, or even just too complacent, you miss out on everything that you’re capable of.

Jump out that window, let the bullets fly and watch your life soar.