About a year ago I created a program for men called ‘Unstoppable’. It is about how to live an unstoppable, powerful life – daring, adventurous, enticing, sexy and amazing. I want to ask all of you a serious question right now, and I want you to write down the answer on a piece of paper. I know, kind of antiquated. Most of us would text the answer to ourselves, but I want you to play along.

When I ask you this question, I want you to write down whatever comes to your mind first. I don’t want you to think about it. I don’t want you to let it percolate in your brain. I don’t want you to overthink it. I want you to just answer this question.

How do you live a daring and amazing life?

What immediately comes to mind?

What do you feel when I ask you that question?

You see, everyday we need to live a daring amazing life. I truly believe that every single day we need to step outside our comfort zone and do something that makes us feel uncomfortable.

The uncomfortable moments are where we experience the most growth. I remember one of my first uncomfortable moments and this goes back to childhood. I was about nine years old. My dad and I went to see a therapist, because we were not relating to each other. As a matter of fact I was having nightmares.  I really wanted my father dead. I’ve never felt that way about anybody else in my life. Ever.

But my dad, I really wanted dead. I wanted him gone. I didn’t want him around anymore, and that was some heavy shit for a nine year old. So I remember going to the therapist, and we were talking. The therapist said we’ve got to have daddy night. One night a week, dad has got to take you out to dinner, or to a ball game. He has to do something with you, watch games with you, whatever it might be.

I remember sitting there, and I was going to tell my father how I felt. That I felt like he didn’t love me in my nine-year-old words. I felt like he didn’t want to spend time with me, and he wasn’t proud of me. And that was really hard.  Did it help the relationship with my dad?

Did it make us father and son of the year?

Did my dad all of a sudden become this great dad?

No. My dad was still the same shitty dad he was before.

But it wasn’t about him. You see that moment when I was nine years old taught me that it’s okay to take a dare. That was really daring, because I was asking my dad to love me and he didn’t love me the way I needed him to.

Now I’m okay.

I’m fine with it. I survived. But what it taught me is that I survived a dare. Every day we have conversations inside us that we never have in our lives.  We have moments that we never act on.

You could be standing in a restaurant and this beautiful woman walks in and you want to go tell her that she’s beautiful, but you don’t. We have decisions that we don’t make in business because we are afraid to take a dare. We have things that we want to tell our significant other or friend and we don’t, because we’re afraid to take a dare.

We think we have so many tomorrows. We think we have a life full of tomorrows.

Today, in this is a short video, I’m going to go over not only how to live a daring, amazing life, but how to get out of your own way. How to stop playing the game of Tomorrow Land. Because Tomorrow Land never happens. You will see in the video why. It’s quite shocking, quite powerful, and I want you to watch it and send it to everybody who is afraid to start living and wants to live a daring, amazing, unstoppable life.