This is mind blowing!

You’re about to see a video of an 85-year-old woman dancing her legs off. You’re never too old to have fun and enjoy life. Today’s video proves it.

Take a look at this amazing senior citizen and her rocking dance moves in South Beach, Miami. Every single day I see emails from men and women complaining about life. They tell me how they want their life to be different, but they don’t do anything about it.

Every time I do a boot camp, I always have a guy normally around 40 plus, who tells me, “If only I’d been here 10 years ago. Things would have turned out so different for me. I’m so angry about all the years I wasted.”

The amazing thing about life is that each day you have a chance to start fresh. Think about it. It’s no different to Groundhog Day every day. The moment you wake up, you have a chance to do something different.

So many people live in the past, talking about all the things that happened in their past. You have to let go of your stories and take each day as a new opportunity to make life great.

You’re never too old to make changes. You’re never too old to lose weight. You’re never too old to make money. You’re never too old to make mistakes. You’re never too old to find love. Every day you have the chance to screw up and do it differently the next day.

A couple of weeks back I was in South Beach with my Brother, and I ran into this incredible 85 year-old woman with her band. Yes. She has her own band. The youngest member must be in their 70’s. They were all wearing sneakers, maybe even Sketchers.

She danced like there was no tomorrow. She was on Lincoln Road Mall in South Beach and she was dancing. She wasn’t worried what other people though like so many of you guys do. She was just letting go, literally. Wearing a housedress and dancing the day away. She drew a crowd of people to watch her.

It was lovely to see. She hardly looked up. She looked down at the ground, looked at her feet and just danced away to the music. Every one of them was in the moment, and they didn’t care what anyone else thought.

They were there just to live and have fun. It’s never too late to have an amazing life. I want you to watch this video, and I want you to pass this video on to all your friends.

I want it to inspire you to do whatever you desire in life. Live life as if it’s your last day, because in reality we never know when it is. Check out this amazing lady. Watch her dancing. Watch her moving. Tell me if she inspires you.