Let’s say that you’re out walking around at a mall.

You run into a store and see this beautiful woman standing there talking to some dude, hanging out.

You wonder, is she with a boyfriend or a friend?

Or you’re out on a Saturday night in a bar, and you see a hot girl talking to this guy.  She’s laughing and smiling.

How do you know if she’s with a boyfriend or a friend?

Most guys will just assume it’s a boyfriend and immediately forget about talking to her.

But that’s your biggest mistake. Just because she’s with a guy on a Saturday night doesn’t mean she’s with a boyfriend.

So how can you tell if she’s with a boyfriend? Here are three key ways to find out:

1.  If she’s just smiling and laughing and not touching, she’s with a friend.

2.  If she’s looking around as she’s talking to this guy even though she’s having fun, then she’s looking around for a guy to come over and talk to her.  Eye contact is everything.

3.  If she leaves him for long periods of time to talk to other people without bringing him along or introducing him, then he’s just a friend.

All three of those things are telling you that she’s not with her intimate boy-friend, she’s just with her platonic man-friend.

So how do you open her up while she’s with her man friend?  You walk up and open the two of them.

That’s right.  You walk directly over to the two of them and you start talking to him first.  Oh yeah, that’s right, you talk to him first.

You start talking to him first to diffuse any possible cock-blocking in the future, when you decide to turn your attention to her.

Chat him up and be cool. She will get to see the two of you talk and wonder why she is not being spoken to, and then—then—you can bring her into the conversation.  She will want to get involved in that conversation and when she does she’s all yours.

There’s no reason to fear the man-friend. He’s just a dude like you.

But the only way to really find out is to get out of your head and approach them.

Make it happen, dudes.