Ah, the kiss. The first kiss at the end of a date.

There’s a debate inside many a male mind about when, where, and how. Do you kiss her at dinner? Will you have that moment when you’re both staring into each other’s eyes?

Do you kiss her on the way to the car as she brushes up against you?

Do you kiss her in the car, or do you actually walk her to her door?How to Kiss a Gril

What if she is driving herself, and she hurries into the car. Do you bend down and kiss her?

When do you have that illustrious first kiss?

It’s something that men think about all the time. They wonder what the importance really is.

How much tongue are you supposed to use when you kiss her?

Is it supposed to be a soft kiss or a long, deep, passionate kiss?

How much tongue, how little tongue? Do you put your arm around her back? Do you touch her face? Do you pull her close, or do you just peck her lips?

That kiss is so confusing. I want to make it less confusing for you, so you will always be sure and confident in that moment.

I’m going to show you in today’s video how to kiss a girl.

I’m going to teach you the simplicity of kissing a girl.

In today’s video, we’ll have a very beautiful friend of mine join me to talk to men about how to kiss a girl.

She goes over the where, when, how, and why. What a girl feels and how she wants to be kissed.

She talks about kissing styles. By the way, one of the secret tricks when you kiss a girl is to match her kissing style, which we go over in today’s video.

The kiss.

How many movies have you seen where the kiss seemed like it lifted a woman on her tippy toes? How many times have you seen people kiss and you could see the woman just melt into the man’s arms?

I know all the things you want out of a kiss. And I know so much of the time there’s so much pressure behind that kiss.

Well no more. I’m going to alleviate the pressure of the kiss. I’m going to help show you and guide you, so you’re able to kiss a girl with ease and confidence, and know exactly what she’s looking for.

Today’s video is all about alleviating the stress and pain and pressure of that first kiss. I’m going to show you exactly how to kiss a girl.

Please do me a favor and pass this video along to your friends, because there are so many beautiful, sexy women out there who are just waiting to be kissed by a man who knows how to kiss them.