keeping an abundant mindsetThis is a little bit of a challenge sometimes.

Because personally, I grew up with lack. So there was never enough money, even though my grandparents gave us money and my father made money at times. There’s was always this lack.

My mother always had a lack. She always felt like she didn’t have enough. So I had overcome that and money was always a reward. If you were a good kid, you would get money from the grandparents. So, all that kind of sucking up as a kid gave me some incorrect programming.

Over the last, like, 15 years, I’ve been pretty abundant in my life — having financial abundance. Thanking the spirits, the universe for my money. Thanking customers, thanking people that paid me. I’ve been pretty good with abundance.

There are times I slip, just like anybody else. There are times I feel like there is not enough, or there are times that I feel like there’s definitely some lack and the universe doesn’t like me anymore. Doesn’t want to give me money. We all go through that. We all go through what I call periods like that.

The thing is: you have to appreciation, and that is how you live an abundant life. It’s consistently having appreciation for things. Appreciating all the money that comes in, appreciating it even if somebody pays you $50 and you wanted $80, appreciate the $50. Appreciate as much as you possibly can every single day.

Be grateful. Be grateful for the food that’s on the table. Be grateful for the furniture that you bought for your house. Be grateful for the clothes on your back. Be grateful for the money that people have given you or shared with you or whatever it might be. When you’re not grateful, what happens is karma. The universe takes a look at it and literally will give you a lesson. Spank you. Take it away.

There are a lot of things that the universe will do to you. Why? Because people who aren’t grateful tend to end up having to do things all over again all the time.

I’ve given the money to people who aren’t grateful and they seem to always struggle. Because they weren’t grateful.

So, abundance is all about being grateful, about accepting everything. Accepting every penny that you get. Being grateful for all the things, once again, that you have in your life and not asking non-stop for more. There’s plenty for everybody. The world has plenty of money — plenty of money for everybody to make great money.

But the universe seems to reward the grateful people more than the others. One of the most successful people I’ve met was a man by the name of Wayne Dyer. He always had a lot of money in his pocket. And if he lost that money in his pocket, he always said somebody else needs it
more than he does. That was his attitude. He was always grateful for the money that he had and the money that he made. It seemed like money flowed into him. Like money was one of his best friends.

That’s kind of my attitude. I look at money as my best friend and together we get along great. There are time we’re not getting along. There are times that my best friend might be a little be a little stingy with it’s time or whatever it might be, but I always try to remain really grateful and always thank my best friend for talking good care of me.

When you buy something, it’s important to thank the universe. Instead of feeling guilty that you’re spending money and taking some money out of savings to go and do something, you need to say, “you know what, I put this money in savings so I’m able to do these amazing things and I want to thank you, business, job, universe for the money that I have right now. I want to thank you for allowing to be able to buy this furniture, these pillows, this store, these shoes, this trip.”

That’s what living an abundant life is all about: Being grateful.