Phone Strategies By David Wygant

Hey I am back from my trip and it was a blast!!!!

More about the trip later but here is todays blog!!!

A lot of guys don’t know what to do when they talk to a woman on the phone. The key things are: where did you meet her? How did you meet her? And what do you remember from meeting her?

What a lot of guys do is just randomly meet women and just grab phone numbers, without knowing anything about the woman. When they call her on the phone, it’s like making a cold call. It’s no different than doing a sales call or getting a lead out of the phone book – you don’t know this person at all.

But let’s say that you know a little something about her. Or let’s take it step deeper, and when you meet a woman, start gathering information about her. It is important to gather information all the time.

When you meet a woman, you want to remember that it’s a special moment. It’s like that Hugh Grant moment that I always talk about – you’re creating a romantic comedy! So let’s say you meet a woman in a coffee shop, and when you’re talking, you find out that she loves Italian roast coffee. She says, “god, I really love Italian roast coffee, it’s my favorite!” because you are talking about Italy and different things.

So at this point, you’re in what I call the ‘gathering information’ stage. The more information you can find out about her the better. You want to continue the adventure. So to ask her out after you talk, you say, “you know I know this great place for Italian roast coffee, I’m going to take you,” and she says, “great” and gives you her number.

You call her up, and you say, “hey, Italian roast coffee girl, what’s going on?” – you have a nickname for each other, which already is creating intimacy. If you think about it, nicknames are a form of intimacy, so it’s more playful, fun, and flirtatious.

So when you call her on the phone, you first call her Italian roast coffee girl, and she’ll start laughing a lot. You ask her, “alright, are you ready to try the best Italian roast coffee in the world?” and she’ll answer, “yes.” And then you say, “well, I don’t know if you’re deserving of it” – you tease her, and you’re being very playful. But you’re also continuing that magic moment that she remembers.

Women are wired like a romantic comedy. They want to know that when they meet you, you remember things. It’s like this magic moment that came – “oh my god, we met in line at Starbucks and he was so into what I had to say” – this is what she’ll tell her friends.

So the thing is to gather as much information about her as you can in the first meeting, and take that information with you to the next phone call, which will then lead to the secondary adventure. When you lead to the secondary adventure, it’s going to give her something to look forward to, and you’re not going to run out of things to talk about.

You’ll always have something that is your “thing” – something you can do together. It’s your little inside joke. You’re Italian coffee guy, she’s Italian coffee girl.

I’ll give you another example: a client and I were walking around Whole Foods one day, and I told him to use the Tic-Tac-Toe opener. For those of you who don’t know what that is: you go to the frozen food department, and let’s say a woman is looking at ice cream. Maybe she has a tub of ice cream in her hands. So you look at her, you open the freezer door next to her, and the condensation comes out. You draw a tic-tac-toe board, and you draw an X in the middle, and then you say to her, “alright, I’ll play you for that pint of ice cream.”

Now, of course there’s a ton of other pints of ice cream, but it doesn’t matter! You put the X in the middle, and say, “your turn!” and she’ll start laughing and say, “well, I’ll play you, but there’s all this other ice cream!” And then you look at her, and that’s when you come up with all of your story telling that I always talk about. You look at her, and say, “oh no, I want THAT tub of ice cream! You’ve already got your hands on it, it’s already melting on the sides, and you know how good it is when it gets all gooey and soft on the sides…” and describe how gooey and soft and fun it is.

So you look at her and say, “go” and you guys play tic-tac-toe together. You can bait her a little bit, saying, “I don’t know, I think I’m going to win!” and play around a little bit with it.

So my client in Whole Foods did the exact same thing. They then talked a little bit more, and he found out some information about her. He got her phone number, and then he came back and said to me, “alright, great, what do I do next?”

I said, “very simple. You keep the momentum going, because this is like a romantic comedy. So you need to text her.” So he texted her a few hours later, and said, “hey, next time we’ll play Hangman in Whole Foods for a pint of sorbet.” She laughed and smiled, and it became their inside joke. They played games on their first date, and they had something to talk about.

You want to create that magic moment. If you do this, and remember things, the phone calls will go really smoothly. Once again, remember things, and you’ll be able to talk about anything. Keep the momentum going from the first time you met.